From what we have actually seen of Dragon Age 4, particularly with the comprehensive principle art shared previously this year and the ending of Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC, and the associating comics with Mage Killer and Blue Wraith, the next stage of the story will focus greatly on Antiva and Tevinter. With the most current principle art exposing what seems Dragon Age Origins’ Zevran making a return with his silver-laden armor, and the most current brief seen on Dragon Age Day, it’s no surprise why all eyes are on what’s next for our preferred ex-crow. For those expecting a reunion with our smooth-talking fairy, the voice star behind the charming character is rallying fans with his enjoyment to possibly be included. 

Jon Curry has an remarkable voice (I’m quite sure it’s needed by law to have a voice kink if you’re a BioWare fan) and he is more than down to repeat his function as the ex-crow with a silver tongue. The call to elf-loving arms started when Curry teased a brand-new task on Dragon Age video game on Twitter, stating “Just discovered I’m going to be voicing a remarkable brand-new character quickly. Stay tuned! Super interesting.”

Immediately, fans reacted with Zevran concerns, to which he responded “I sure want they’d bring Zevran back!! Can somebody begin a letter-writing project? Wow, how old made was that declaration???” 

In our analysis of the Mortalitasi and its function with Dragon Age 4, the possibility of Zevran’s return is really a lot greater than lots of may believe, particularly considered that it appears like we might have a Mortalitasi buddy. Given that this necromancy-focused group of high-ranking mages are the Nevarran elite and have deep roots with Antiva and Tevinter alike, it appears like Solas’ betrayal might be the least of our issues. 

While not Zevran-associated news, we do a minimum of have the verification that we’ll see something brand-new about Dragon Age 4 today with the Game Awards 2020 display this Thursday. We do not understand if that’s more principle art or a teaser trailer like 2 years earlier, however it will be intriguing to see what BioWare needs to reveal on the heels of the news that Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson are leaving the business. 

Are you wishing to see Zevran return for Dragon Age 4? What other returning characters would you like to see in the approaching video game? Sound off with your ideas in the remark area listed below!