Link having the ability to purchase a home in Zelda: Breath of the Wild seemed like it was going to be a huge offer. Finally, our hero had his foot on the real estate ladder. At last, he would not be stuck in his youth bed room or coping with his Grandma.

But then, as you understand, absolutely nothing else actually occurs with it. The home exists if you actually wish to return and check out, however there’s no genuine benefit for doing so.

Well, Zelda fan Waikuteru has actually now developed a mod with some house enhancements (thanks, Nintendo Life). The home hasn’t precisely got a Grand Designs transformation, however there are some creative concepts here which would make Link’s residential or commercial property purchase a bit better.

“This mod reimagines owning a home in BOTW to make it a rewarding purchase – something you’ll wish to utilize routinely – all the while, maintaining the initial video game feel and balance of the video game,” Waikuteru composed.

A quick travel area has actually been contributed to your house, making it a simple place to leave to for some rest and relaxation. Another creative tweak has actually been made so you’ll constantly get here to warm weather condition, instead of storms or bleak clouds.

Link’s bed has actually ended up being “cosier” – indicating you can now pick to sleep for longer and get reward hearts on getting up – and there’s a fireplace for cooking within. Other flourishes consists of idea art for the video game on the walls, plus additional designs, plants and brand-new lighting.

Out in the garden, there’s now a pond you can fish in for simple access to Hylian bass and a steady so you can look after your worthy horse. Finally, and most significantly, you likewise have a family pet cucco you can poke for eggs. (“Just strategy your escape path to your front door if you poke it excessive,” Waikuteru notes.)

Something for Breath of the Wild 2, whenever it shows up?