Here’s the predicament: your employer is getting a type of life time accomplishment award and you have actually been asked to add to a video montage bigging them up. Shouldn’t be hard. But what do you use? That’s the problem.

Go wise? No, too official, these are computer games we’re discussing. But you wish to keep some type of professionalism about you. You are the handling director of Bethesda Game Studios after all.

Got it! You’ll go on-brand. You’ve got that Tee shirts, keep in mind? New owner Microsoft will like it – that Phil Spencer, he’s everything about a well-placed tee. It’s a win-win. You can look expert while promoting your brand-new video game Starfield at the very same time. Bin-go. What could perhaps fail?

Whoops! Shouldn’t have actually jinxed it. Forgot to think of the logo design on the sleeve, didn’t you? People have not seen that previously, that area company type of logo design with the stars and what is most likely a world below. Oh no, wait, they have! Only, when they saw it, it was on the arm of a character in an unverified Starfield screenshot previously this year.

You didn’t simply verify it, did you?

The dripped screenshot from earlier in the year.

Note: Bethesda hasn’t validated any of this. No-one has actually validated the logo design on Ashley Cheng’s arm, in the Todd Howard Develop Star Award video (sleuthed by Reddit user Rynderend), is the very same logo design on the arm on the character in the dripped screenshot. Hell of a coincidence, however, isn’t it?

And if we were to take this coincidence as recognition, we ought to most likely think about the other images dripped by the very same source as could-be-genuine-actually, too. Maybe even the 2021 release date the leaker spouted is real too, though 2021 appears extremely close now I think of it.

Todd Howard was granted his Develop Star Award today, accompanying a videoed Q&A with for the program (he needed to do some work after all). In that interview, he discussed how Bethesda’s faithful Creation Engine had actually gone through “most likely the biggest” overhaul ever for Starfield – “perhaps even bigger than Morrowind to Oblivion”, whatever that suggests. But then he does constantly tend to state that about brand-new Bethesda Game Studios video games.

Sadly, we do not in fact understand far more about Starfield beyond these scraps. It was years earlier now I spoke with Howard after Starfield was revealed.

We understand it’s Bethesda Game Studios’ next video game, it’s next huge single-player video game – ie. the one that will come out prior to The Elder Scrolls 6 – and we understand it’s sci-fi, so we’ll be up in area, drifting around, most likely flying around. But beyond that: nadda. So, I expect, what do you desire it to be? And do not state Star Citizen.