The Demon’s Souls remake launches in less than 2 months. Players will quickly be taking a trip back in time to the very first version of the contemporary “Souls-like,” playing the video game that would go on to develop a whole subgenre of tough dark dream titles. This time, it’s Bluepoint Games’ handle From Software’s traditional – an entry numerous Souls lovers have not even played given that it is just offered on PlayStation 3. In numerous methods, Demon’s Souls was the advancement of ideas and concepts that had actually existed in From Software’s King’s Field series for several years. Now, the whole experience is back, solely on PlayStation 5.

Despite its release being exceptionally quickly as a PlayStation 5 launch title, there are numerous concerns surrounding the video game. Let’s have a look at a few of the misshaps and secrets that might be fascinating as we inch ever closer to entering the Boletarian Palace once again.

What is Fractured Mode and why did they conceal it?

During the preliminary remake expose, Sony consisted of messaging about a “Fractured Mode” in the text description of the trailer. This messaging was promptly eliminated. Does that suggest Fractured Mode does not exist? Are we to think this was some heavenly thing suggested for some other video game? If it’s genuine, what is it and why have not we found out about it yet? Was it a concept that was going to be in the game and pulled so it could make the PlayStation 5 launch window?

If it is in fact a genuine thing, I’m guessing that Bluepoint has tapped into the Dark Souls PC community hivemind over the last five years and that the mode is similar in fashion to a mod that randomizes encounters, enemy placements, item placements, and more. That would certainly be a fresh way to experience things even for the most seasoned of Demon’s Souls veterans, again and again. Maybe it’s just a boss rush mode. Maybe it doesn’t exist at all anymore. We shall see.

Is Demon’s Souls actually coming to PC?

Well, Sony says no. Of course, that misplaced card stuck at the end of the new trailer says fairly explicitly that it’s coming to PC, with the Demon’s Souls logo clearly in plain sight [Read more about this here]. Perhaps it was absolutely human error that included the card, but why did the card exist? Is this, in fact, some misplaced templating mistake that simply was overlooked? It’s possible. Anything’s possible. My own current theory states that these trailers are the subject of such unbelievable scrutiny that such an oversight is generally impossible, except for the fact that work-from-home procedures may have resulted in an errant upload.

Demon's Souls

Perhaps “Demon’s Souls Trailer54” instead of “Demon’s Souls Trailer55” was uploaded to some FTP server and the wrong one was grabbed and uploaded. Here’s the point of this speculation: I believe that this new version of Demon’s Souls is, in fact, going to come to PC somewhere down the line — but if Sony reveals that now, it risks losing sales on the PlayStation 5 version as some fans wait for the PC iteration.

Update 9/21/2020 5:35 CST: It should be noted that the card also mentioned that Demon’s Souls would be console exclusive for a limited time, suggesting that it may in fact arrive on other platforms. Perhaps this was one of the things that caused it to be pulled or excluded. No one can really say!

Will we finally get to traverse the sixth Archstone?

Probably not. But some fans say that there’s a hint of those vast frozen northern lands in the original reveal trailer, stating that there’s no snow in the base game. It’s more likely (to me) that the vision of those winterscapes were eventually repurposed and revisioned to give us The Painted World of Ariamis, Frozen Eleum Loyce, Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, and even Cainhurst Castle.

Yes this is Bloodborne read the accompanying text 😀

From Software does love snow, and they should, because you can almost feel the biting cold beauty in every one of those levels. There’s speculation that perhaps Bluepoint could be giving players these “lost levels” from the original game, and as much as I think that would be incredible, I also think it’s incredibly unlikely. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

All that said, let’s get hype! We have not seen anything from Elden Ring for ages, so anything Souls is ready for a warm welcome. Let’s hope the Bluepoint incarnation of the From Software classic is as amazing as the legacy the initial developed.