A variation of this short article appears in Game Informer Magazine problem 329.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits debuted throughout Sony’s PlayStation 5 occasion, so it was just fitting that we got to see it operating on the upcoming console. That’s not the only method gamers can experience the video game, which is likewise coming out on PlayStation 4 and PC through the Epic Games Store, however we were delighted to see what the next-gen hardware gives the table. As it ends up, the response is relatively fascinating.

First up, there’s the matter of load times. Sony has actually promoted the speed of the PS5’s solid-state drive, and how it practically gets rid of long loads. In practice, we viewed as Kena was introduced from the PlayStation 5 system menu. It took about 2 seconds. That’s not resuming a suspended video game, however releasing the video game fresh. 

“They have an entire thing established where you can do shift and it’s really good, however honestly it doesn’t have time to play the animation. It simply loads the video game so quickly,” states Josh Grier, primary running officer at Ember Lab. 

The video game wasn’t initially created with the PS5’s hardware specifications in mind, however the extra horse power has actually enabled Ember Lab to do more within the borders it at first developed. 

“It’s been truly good,” states chief imaginative officer Mike Grier. “We’ve been on advancement on PS4 for the majority of the job, and squeezing it and getting the efficiency that we desired out of it was a headache. But having actually done all that, when we went to PS5 it was good, due to the fact that we had a great standard and after that we might simply contribute to it and make the most of the additional juice.”

Some of the modifications appear relatively significant. We didn’t see a side-by-side contrast on the video game operating on PS5 and PS4, however Mike states the forest is more rich and thick in the PS5 variation. He states that battle is among the video game’s fundamental aspects, and guaranteeing that it carried out well on the older hardware took top priority over the quantity of foliage gamers would see in the environments. 

Another thing that will most likely appear is the variety of Rot that gamers will see on the planet. There are 100 of the small animals to find on the planet, and PlayStation 5 gamers can possibly see all of them scuttling around onscreen concurrently. On PlayStation 4, you can still discover all of the Rot, however they won’t all be represented aesthetically. Mike states that even with the video game’s aggressive level-of-detail scaling on the animals, the efficiency suffered excessive on PS4 with the entire team onscreen, so they needed to make concessions. Their performance is the exact same on both variations, however the visual distinctions exist.

The PlayStation 5’s controller is another considerable upgrade. “The activates on the DualSense controller have resistance on them, so we’re using that for the heavy attacks, however likewise for the bow,” Mike states. “You draw it, and the method it sounds and the resistance seems like a bow tightening up.” 

“The triggers belong of it, however when you get the haptics in the hands, it truly brings everything together,” Josh includes. “Obviously, you feel the stress in your trigger finger, however when you’ve got the bow drawn and you include the Rot into it, we can dynamically state, ‘OK, this best palm feels the Rot delving into it.’ And then when we utilize the Rot cloud, as the cloud shifts from delegated right on the screen, you can feel it transitioning from delegated right in your hand, too.”

Designer Liz Fiacco states she was especially delighted about that haptic feedback, which supplies a higher degree of feedback to gamers than the standard rumble. She states that when she operated at Naughty Dog, the group there utilized a tool to develop rumble on the fly utilizing DualShock inputs. On PlayStation 5, haptic feedback is managed utilizing an audio wave, which offers developers far more liberty on how it’s executed. “We’re a little group, and there’s just a lot experimentation we can do with it, however we’ve gotten some cool things in currently,” she states.

Since the group is developing the video game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, there’s a reasonable little bit of changing around in between older and more recent hardware. Unsurprisingly, there’s a quite clear winner, a minimum of according to Josh. “Once you go here, it’s type of difficult to return,” he states, indicating the PS5 controller in his hand. “I like the DualShock controller, don’t get me incorrect, however I wish to have fun with this man.”

If you’re still on the fence about making the next-gen shift, or aren’t able to get one at launch, that doesn’t indicate you shouldn’t have a look at Kena on PS4. To sweeten the offer, Ember Lab has actually revealed that gamers who get the video game on PS4 can get a totally free PS5 upgrade when they choose to update to the next console generation.