Reddit drama and courtroom drama can now clash thanks to a creative bot that takes Reddit exchanges and phases them as scenes from the Ace Attorney series.  

As reported by Mashable, the bot originates from the mind of software application engineer Micah Price, who is a fan of Capcom’s lawyer-themed video games. The bot takes remarks in Reddit threads and transmutes them into amusing back-and-forth discussion, with lines being provided by renowned characters like Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. You can see one example listed below:

You can utilize the bot on specific supported subreddits. All you require to do is include “!objectionbot” (or “!objection-bot”) to a thread, and the bot instantly creates and connects the video for your satisfaction. You can take pleasure in numerous examples gathered under Objection-Bot’s user profile. They aren’t all pure gold, however you’re bound to discover some gems that record the straight-faced absurdity of the series.

Ace Attorney might have suspicious quality as a legal referral, however the video games (particularly the initial trilogy) have lots of creative characters, sharp writing, and interesting secrets. The web isn’t always as well-crafted or gratifying as Capcom’s narrative-heavy experiences, however we’ve all came across absurd arguments in remark threads that appear to defy all reasoning and sense. Those are the threads particularly appropriate to the Objection-Bot’s abilities; taking apart doubtful assertions is the core of Ace Attorney, and enjoying it occur in a phony courtroom setting is both amusing and wonderful.

One essential and entertaining information about how this all works is that it isn’t practically moving remarks from a thread into text boxes; the bot likewise records the sense of altering fortunes with other flourishes and musical variations. For example, if a remark has an unfavorable rating, it might set off the series’ signature “Objection!” graphic, together with a soundtrack shift to increase the enjoyment.  

Did you discover an especially fantastic example of Objection-Bot’s power? Share it in the remarks listed below!

[Via Mashable]