A Call of Duty: Warzone team has actually set a brand-new world record with an amazing 162 eliminates in a single video game.

The team, led by 21-year-old American Warzone banner Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, accomplished the impressive task in a 2v2 $500 kill race wager match. Here, a team of 4 divides itself into 2 to see which duo can score the most eliminates in a single video game.

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Smashing the previous quads world record of 143, Aydan and co wreck Verdansk at a frightening speed, starting with a kill utilizing a helicopter’s blades. After snagging his loadout, Aydan utilizes his terrifying AUG and FFAR 1 combination to pursue basically every gamer on the map with ruthless performance.

Aydan, who is, yes, using a sweaty Roze skin, does pass away a couple of times in the match, very first going back to the battleground by means of a gulag triumph and afterwards redeemed by his colleagues. It’s while waiting on the gulag to start he understands his team is on course to break the quads world record.

It’s worth remembering this lobby was filled with 150 gamers, which indicates Aydan’s team handled to snag more eliminates than gamers who generated on the map.

Watch the match completely in the video listed below (avoid to the 9 hours and 40 minutes mark):

There’s an amusing minute at the end of the match when, with 161 eliminates in between them and just one opponent gamer left, the team drops money beside a buy station in a quote to motivate the gamer to redeem their colleagues and hence include more gamers to the map for the team to eliminate. But the last gamer declines to budge, and is ultimately eliminated for the win.

“This will NEVER EVER be broken…,” Aydan discussed Twitter.

There has actually been some argument about the lobby in which this world record was set. Website SBMMWarzone tracks Warzone gamer statistics and sorts lobbies into trouble. It categorises this 162-kill lobby as “bronze one” trouble, which puts it in the bottom 20 percent. The lobby had a typical gamer kill/death ratio of 0.78. Aydan ended the match with an amazing 47 eliminates and 4.97 kill/death ratio.

“That lobby was bronze unfavorable 10!” Aydan joked on-stream, keeping in mind how simple it felt for his team. “We got blessed with the lobby. It was such a bot lobby.”

Still, it’s a sensational accomplishment and, as Aydan states, a record that will most likely never ever be beaten.