Activision continues to tease some sort of modification to Call of Duty: Warzone’s primary map, this time with the approaching arrival of a boat.

This week, Activision stated Verdansk will get a variety of sights to either find or check out as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Two. These advance Warzone’s story, we were informed. The Season Two trailer is listed below:

There was reference of the freight tanker Vodianoy, which gamers had actually identified off the coast of Rebirth Island just recently. This ship had actually gone missing out on at sea, however is now heading towards the Port of Verdansk. “Operators within the area are advised to work out severe care,” checked out the main blurb, “as the ship is bring unidentified freight, and its team are unable to be called.”

And there’s something “starting to rumble” deep underground within Verdansk, although these brand-new areas are yet to be detailed. I think of gamers will smell them out not long after Season Two launches on 25th February.

But prior to then, gamers have actually identified the Vodianoy heading towards the Port of Verdansk in-game.

Redditor Kennnt published a gameplay clip to the Warzone sub flaunting the approaching vessel, along with a lightning storm above it.

Boat now visible in the sea! from r/CODWarzone

Meanwhile, the screen distortions continue. The most current is accompanied by more Russian chat, relatively from onboard the Vodianoy itself. Here’s a clip tweeted by @xRadical__:

And here’s the translation, thanks to Twitter user @totsamyipetrik:

“Captain Rosental speaking. Russian ship Vodianoy. … occurred. We were transferring unusual biological product. What have we done?! There was an infection break out. I’m scared we will not have the ability to include it. (Proceeds to yell).”

So, what’s going on? Call of Duty tradition fans have a lot of theories. The expectation is the Vodianoy will crash into Verdansk and turn into one of the brand-new sights Activision teased. From there, gamers presume the ship will either include zombies, spit zombies onto the map, or release this “unusual biological product” that turns dead gamers into zombies.

This looks like a winner. Last week gamers found the Cold War Zombies trial device in Warzone’s rumble playlist. Since then more have actually been contributed to the map. So zombies are likely concerning Warzone. Remember, for the very first time, the Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops, Zombies and Modern Warfare stories are all linked.

Speculating on what will take place later on into Season Two, some reckon this zombie break out on Verdansk will wind up requiring a nuke – simply to be sure. Remember Activision’s tease about something “starting to rumble” deep underground within Verdansk? Perhaps those rumbles are originating from underground silos. The clip listed below, drawn from the Season Two trailer launched today, reveals a gamer ziplining up and out of an underground silo, and other gamers battling outdoors. This is presently not possible in Warzone:


In the very same trailer we see a character boot an opponent – this is Sparta! design – into an open silo. Again, this isn’t something you can presently perform in Warzone:


Here’s a fascinating theory from redditor SapphireXP: “my guess: it is the ship from Rebirth Island and it is going to crash into Verdansk since of the storm. Chemicals are launched. Dead gamers develop into zombies. They see no other way out and nuke Verdansk… we get a brand-new map.”

If a nuke is set to blast Verdansk to smithereens, and gamers have long presumed this is the method Activision will choose it, what occurs to the map? Perhaps we’ll get to use Verdansk when again, however altered due to the blast. Perhaps there will be a totally brand-new map to play in. There’s definitely a sensation amongst gamers that Verdansk as it presently stands has actually run its course, and there’s a hunger for a brand-new setting.