Call of Duty: Warzone now has Black Ops Cold War combination, a brand-new season, a fresh fight pass – and a game-breaking make use of.

A brand-new invisibility problem has actually emerged that lets gamers use a make use of to win quickly. Activating the problem is extremely basic, and includes crashing while utilizing Warzone’s brand-new helicopter minigun.

Once activated, you are undetectable and you are invulnerable to a lot of types of damage. It appears you can pass away to lorries, some explosive damage and the gas.

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There are numerous clips of this problem in usage currently, simply a day after the launch of Season One. Here’s a bit:

Invisible hackers now… from r/CODWarzone

today I got killed by an invisible dude from r/CODWarzone

Teammate killed an invisible player / god mode glitch cheater to win the game from r/CODWarzone

Jugs may be gone but invisibility is here now from r/CODWarzone

I just came in 2nd with 20 kills to an invisible guy…… come on infinity ward get it together. from r/CODWarzone

As you can see, this make use of ruins the fight royale for practically everybody, and it appears to be widespread. “Just got third-place in a match since some invisibility glitchers,” said redditor rayk10k. “Both of the last 2 groups were glitching, could not even eliminate each other and needed to wait till somebody passed away initially in last zone. Utter bullshit. Each kid on the group I was spectating had 10-12 individuals seeing them. Please restriction these individuals for exploitation. That was the fourth time tonight my buddies and I were eliminated by individuals utilizing this problem.”

Treyarch and Raven Software – the present designers of Warzone now Infinity Ward has actually gone back – have yet to comment, however this is something they’ll wish to hotfix as quickly as possible.