A world populated by plagued animals, an abundance of bugs, and a day-to-day power battle in between 2 opposing sides? No, it’s not the British summer season in 2020, it’s the brand-new Warframe growth Heart of Deimos, which has actually simply been revealed as part of this year’s all-digital TennoCon discussion.

The upgrade brings a raft of goodies – consisting of a fleshy open world, K-Drive fight, mechs and warring huge wyrms – all of which need to keep gamers inhabited as they look for the origins of the Infested faction. Oh, and there’s likewise a little thing called the Helminth Chrysalis System, which permits gamers to move a capability to another Warframe (something that need to develop some really crazy mixes).

But provided this year has actually been so disruptive for lots of studios thanks to the effect of COVID-19, I wondered to understand how Digital Extremes had actually moved its material strategies and handled the work for Warframe: especially provided the video game usually gets a relatively constant circulation of updates and material. After viewing a press deimos-tration, I had a chat with Warframe COO and dev staff member Sheldon Carter, who had the ability to inform me more about the obstacles of working throughout lockdown, how the Necramechs work… and what the hell is happening with that Helminth.

So first off, how are you doing? How’s it been resolving the COVID-19 lockdown?

Sheldon Carter: Oh, yeah, it’s been a difficulty. You understand, it’s been a difficulty for us to get something like this occasion and this kind of material together over COVID. But after the very first month of it, I believe we began striking our stride and determining what we wished to do, and how to work towards it. I might have gotten a bit of pinkeye from tension in the last bit, however otherwise, I believe we’re excellent.

How did you adjust your prepare for the year ahead? Obviously the Duviri Paradox was postponed, however what constraints did lockdown put on what you could do working from house?

Sheldon Carter: It did, I indicate, we were truly fortunate that the method we work is we have a few of our groups doing sophisticated deal with future things. When we took a look at Duviri and even a few of the things we were looking towards such as New War, versus the group that had actually currently begun on Deimos, we really seemed like Deimos had a much better opportunity of getting to TennoCon with the kind of material we wished to. So we simply did a pivot, it was among those ones where it wasn’t what we were anticipating to do. If you would have actually asked me in March, what TennoCon was, I would not have stated this. But it was an excellent set of material and functions for us to operate in several various groups. So we had the Helminth system being dealt with by a group, we had the landscape individuals, which’s a substantial part of our group. And then even for the Warframes and a few of the systems we had the ability to part it out a bit much better… the cinematic group was likewise able to take little areas. So yeah, it simply truly, truly worked well for us from a compartmentalisation viewpoint to choose Deimos.

More broadly, how have you stabilized the requirement to keep Warframe upgraded as a live service video game with making certain that devs are handling the problems of working from house?

Sheldon Carter: We absolutely acknowledged it was not gonna be the very same [level of] performance as we have actually had. Outside of that, nevertheless… our group, once they obtain something, they truly impress me. Thinking about what we were going to do versus what we have for TennoCon… you understand, it’s a testimony to those people, they truly worked their butts off.

Heart of Deimos is the very first synchronised launch of a Warframe upgrade on all platforms, is that something you wish to continue in future?

Sheldon Carter: This is among those ones where the stars line up… we were gonna attempt it, and certainly what we’ve constantly desired is for everyone to be able to experience the material at the very same time. We desired those console gamers to seem like, ‘hey, it’s not something that I’m getting a couple weeks later on’. So we’ve been tightening up and tightening up, and we’re going to attempt it with this. Hopefully everything works out, and it will be something we continue to take a look at as we move forward. But yeah, it’d be terrific – even if it was for significant updates, I’d more than happy with that.

Why did you wish to concentrate on the Infested for this upgrade?

Sheldon Carter: If you take a look at the other 2 landscapes, Fortuna and the Orb Vallis are Corpus-focused, Plains of Eidolon is Grineer-focused. So [the Infested] is the last faction in the video game, right? I think it provided us with an interesting story angle, and I think that’s what we’re most interested in, generally-speaking, from our open worlds as well. To be like… ‘how can we set something up with a story that’s going to give us new information about a faction, that can really build up the lore’.

On the topic of the previous two open world updates, what kind of design decisions did you make to put a twist on this open world and make it different?

Sheldon Carter: Quite a few! It’s funny, you’re used to hearing in games that ‘this the biggest open world we’ve ever done yet again’, right? And this isn’t the biggest one. This is actually probably our smallest one in terms of size, but the depth we put into it is definitely much more. So there’s way more systems to understand and learn. There’s these beautiful grottos you get to go into and explore, there’s the Necramechs, which is a totally different thing that we have never had in Warframe. We have, you know, conservation pets you can ride. I think the Helminth system is another good example. So we really wanted to take the types of ideas that players are expecting from Warframe’s open worlds, but we wanted to twist them. And that’s how we did it with certain things like that.


Do you have any examples of what you can make with the new Helminth Chrysalis System: are you able to create any really weird or unique Warframe builds and or gameplay styles through that?

Sheldon Carter: So you can imagine the face on our QA leads when we said, ‘okay, so we have this system, and you can take one power from a Warframe, and you could put it on your Warframe. Could you guys make sure all the combinations are good?’ Do the maths, and it’s… oh, god, there’s a million combinations. It’s exponential. So we’ve tried a number of different ones to see what works, and we’re only allowing one power to come from each Warframe. So that kind of limits it a little bit. But it’s insane, honestly, and I’m really excited to see what the community comes up with. And I say that, like, excited, because I’m sure there’s gonna be stuff that’s going to blow our minds. But I think at the same time, we stuck with abilities that players really wanted to see. It was kind of a power fantasy for some players to do this. So we wanted to make sure we gave them that ability without compromising what made the kit of a certain Warframe special.

So were certain limitations put in place to make sure that the Warframes were balanced?

Sheldon Carter: As balanced as it could be with that many combinations. I think one of the nice things about Warframe you know, from a development side, is there’s a very small PvP element, but most of it is… you know, we are dealing with enemies and players getting to tear enemies apart. So if we can give them something that’s powerful and they can find new powerful ways to do it, that’s exciting to me. I mean, within reason.

How do you think the community will react to the idea of sacrificing a Warframe? I feel like normally a Warframe has almost been revered, and here we’re feeding one to a fleshy blob.

Sheldon Carter: I think that’s definitely the one that we don’t know. Which makes it exciting! And sometimes that’s what makes TennoCon exciting, right? Sometimes you gotta try these things. I’m crossing my fingers it’s gonna go over well. You never know.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the Necramechs – such as how they unlock, and if you can customise them?

Sheldon Carter: We have a kind of a two-stage system with them right now. In the press demo, you would have seen Rebecca Ford [live operations and community director] use transference to rebuild a Necramech right in the environment. And that’s open to any of the players (spoiler alert, there’s operators in the video game). But for players who have unlocked that and have gone through all that content, that’s kind of a bonus for them, because if they find them in the environment, in the right situations, they can use transference. But to a new player, or even for those players, there’s factions you can raise standing with, and you can learn about. And through those standings you can build your own.

Are the Necramechs going to stick to the Heart of Deimos area, or could we see them in other open world areas in future?

Sheldon Carter: I could definitely see them there. I believe we’re going to release with them in Deimos in their home environment, but I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t expand out from there.


So Steel Path was introduced recently, I was wondering what sort of feedback you’ve received from the community on this and how well it’s been recieved?

Sheldon Carter: It’s done really well. I believe it’s one of those things Warframe players are always looking for… we were just talking about the insane combinations you might get with the Helminth. I think players are always trying to find a way to test their skills and their abilities with more and more difficult content. So this is one of our answers to that. I wish I had engagement numbers for you, but it was incredible to me how many players engaged with that system and have gone all the way up through it already. So from an engagement perspective: yeah, super great. I think there’s still more work to be done there. But we’re happy with the feature in general.

On that point, I think some in the community were wondering about maybe higher drop rates for rewards for Steel Path. Do you know if that’s a possibility?

Sheldon Carter: Usually it’s me who looks at the rewards, I definitely have heard that feedback. So we were looking at that stuff, for sure.

Is there any news on progress for the Command Intrinsic?

Sheldon Carter: Yeah, it’s coming. That’s about all I have right now. It’s not forgotten, but we decided to go with this swath of content that’s coming out. What’s cool is that usually at TennoCon, we’re showing you content and it comes out a year later. I mean, this is coming out weeks later. So hopefully you will be able to get right into that. And then we can focus on some of the other stuff that we’ve been working on for the other systems also.

So we’re obviously coming up to next-gen console time: I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about how Warframe will transfer over? Is it going to be fairly seamless, will there be any noticeable changes for players?

Sheldon Carter: I believe at this point we haven’t done anything officially to announce around next-gen and what we’re doing, but we’ve been, you know, speaking with all of our partners, we’re excited to see what’s gonna happen with Sony with the PS5 and with the Xbox Series X as well. But yeah, we’re truly excited about the next gen and the hardware.

One final question, it’s very important: are you able to catch the flying fish in the Heart of Deimos?

Sheldon Carter: Can you catch the flying fish? The answer to that is yes. Yes. You have actually to be able to fish, ideal?