Riot Games is bringing Act III to Valorant beginning on October 13. Various aspects of the season will present gradually, with the brand name brand-new map striking right away. It’s called Icebox, and it’s appropriately called. A frozen center with 2 detonation points, the brand-new map has a concentrate on skirmish gameplay.

Oh, and there’s something else brand-new on the map too — the zipline! Get vertical and get quickly as you capture your challengers by surprise and speed rapidly throughout the environment. Icebox is slated to be readily available on October 13.

A bit later on into Act III on October 27, gamers can experience the brand-new representative Skye. Hailing from Australia, Skye is a master of monsters. Kind of like a druid in futuristic military representative type, Skye can hinder opponent vision, recover colleagues, and sic her monster buddies on challengers. 

While Skye can recover several colleagues at the same time, there’s a balance in her set as she cannot recover herself. Bummer! Her supreme can cause nearsightedness on several opponents, which makes certain to be an exceptionally terrible capability. Being able to practically blind your opponents prior to breaching area produces a powerful initiate, and opponents would be smart to expand or deal with a vicious gundown.

Of course, a brand-new Act suggests a brand-new battlepass too. Chock filled with the normal cosmetic opens, gamers can deal with the pass over the course of the Act. Remember the sweet Dragon skins? Act III brings a brand-new skin set for weapons. If you play the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, or Melee weapon, Singularity skins are readily available, with the whole package opting for 8,700 VP. Send the opponent into deep space, or something. Whatever, they look truly cool.

The action starts on October 13, however anticipate material to present throughout the season!