Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s fairly amusing entry in the currently well-represented free-to-play fight royale category, has actually just been out 3 months however currently the publisher is seeking to upgrade the experience in order to reach its “complete capacity”.

Writing in a new blog post on the Hyper Scape website, Ubisoft described that while it thought about the video game’s open beta and launch on PC a success, “we were unable to attain the high expectations we set for ourselves with our complete release on console”.

Ubisoft states that in order for the video game to reach its “complete capacity”, it has actually recognized 5 crucial pillars Hyper Scape’s group will now concentrate on so it can end up being an experience “everybody can play and take pleasure in”. These locations cover fight convenience, onboarding, video game modes, gamer objectives, and cross-play, with the broad goal being to get more individuals playing Hyper Scape and to discover methods to guarantee they continue betting longer.

On fight convenience, Ubisoft states that while it desired a high ability ceiling for Hyper Scape, its information reveals “the flooring is likewise expensive”, and it’s merely too tough to goal, track, regularly damage, and remove gamers, “specifically on consoles”, producing a “tough experience for brand-new gamer”. That’s even more intensified by an onboarding procedure that “does not presently offer adequate time and chances for brand-new gamers to discover and prosper”.

As such, Ubisoft wishes to “secure newbies and offer training activities” to assist them end up being more skilled at the video game, and prepares to include brand-new activities and match size choices along with the presently “unforgiving” Crown Rush, consisting of a respawn system and “deathmatch” design video game modes. It’s likewise reconsidering limited-time modes offered the gamer base split they develop, and will be presenting cross-play earlier than initially prepared to assist boost existing problems surrounding lobby sizes.

Finally, Ubisoft states Hyper Scape presently does not have medium and long-lasting objectives, indicating there’s less reward for gamers to remain. This will be attended to a minimum of in part by the brand-new Player Ranking system in Hyper Scape’s upcoming Season 2, although it states extra development systems and “match-to-match circulation enhancements” will be executed too.

To help achieve its aims, Ubisoft says it will be restructuring the Hyper Scape team into the “cell-based” format used for Rainbow Six: Siege’s development (another game which struggled to gain traction at launch), with each cell focussing on one of its five areas of concern.

Work has already begun on addressing these pillars, says Ubisoft, and it hopes to release more frequent updates in Season 2 compared Season 1 as a result.

The publisher has already confirmed Hyper Scape’s second season will introduce the aforementioned ranking system, a brand-new district, and the Atrax sticky explosive weapon. Additionally, there’s a new Battle Pass, new video game modes – including Crown Rush Duo and Floor is Lava – and the return of Crown Rush, Faction War, and Turbo Mode. Daily Gifts, including Battle Points or cosmetics, will also be available for logging in every day.

Hyper Scape’s 2nd season launches on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next Tuesday, sixth October.