This week’s release of the next-gen variation of Marvel’s Avengers is welcome news for the video game – however it shines a light on the fiddly procedure of moving conserves from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

Marvel’s Avengers designer Crystal Dynamics tweeted comprehensive directions to assist baffled consumers after it emerged both the ps5 and the ps4 variations of the video game needed to be downloaded and totally upgraded in order get the conserve transfer to work, which moving the conserve information through PlayStation Plus cloud storage was difficult.

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Here’s what you need to do: to begin with, you have actually got to introduce the fully-patched PS4 variation of Marvel’s Avengers and go to the conserve migration tab on the primary menu to start the upload.

Once the migration is done, you require to introduce the PS5 variation, where you will be triggered to download the information.

Here’s the frustrating part: even if you have the PS4 and PS5 variation of the video game on the very same console (for an overall of 120GB), conserve migration is required to boot the save money on the PS5 variation.

Additionally, you require to download the current upgrade for the PS4 variation so you can download the PS5 variation. This suggests if you’re running the variation of the PS4 video game that has actually not been upgraded, you will not see the conserve migration tab, and you will not have the ability to move conserve information.

The result is this: do not erase the PS4 variation of Marvel’s Avengers prior to moving your conserve to the PS5 variation. Once you have actually effectively imported your conserve into the PS5 variation, you can securely erase the PS4 variation from your console.

It’s a comparable circumstance with some other PS4 / PS5 video games, such as Insomniac’s Spider-Man. “Just to be clear. You need to utilize the PS4 video game to export your conserve,” Insomniac neighborhood director James Stevenson stated in November. “Remastered cannot see a conserve till it is exported by the PS4 video game. This is the method.”

It’s a little bit of a trouble with Remedy’s Control, too. Some video games do not let you rollover PS4 conserve files to PS5 at all.

Some gamers had concerns with the Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation conserve transfer procedure when it went live since the migration tab didn’t appear – something acknowledged by Crystal Dynamics. The designer stated this need to now be figured out, and apologised for the hassle.

“If for some factor you are still having concerns with the migration, please let us understand and we’ll check out it” the designer included.

Of course, conserve transfers from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and S are automated through Microsoft’s Smart Delivery.

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