The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV has actually been offered on PlayStation because last October, today it’s concerning the Nintendo Switch! That’s right, you can take all of your preferred heroes on the go this April. NIS America exposed the brand-new platform launch date today with a trailer and a tweet.

Trails of Cold Steel IV continues to follow the story and legend of Rean, contributing to the tale that the franchise has actually been dealing with because Trails in the Sky. It’s likewise the last entry in the Cold Steel legend and brings some resolution to a few of the ever-expanding story threads and beats. Trails of Cold Steel IV boasts more characters than any other entry in the series, consisting of various familiar faces. 

Looking to see a few of the characters you might satisfy on your journey? Check out a few of the cast here. Game Informer’s Kimberly Wallace performed an interview with Nihon Falcom president and manufacturer Toshihiro Kondo in 2015 that’s definitely worth a checked out if you’re considering diving into the story-rich world of Trails of Cold Steel, IV or otherwise. Read Kim’s whole interview here.

While we have not examined Trails of Cold Steel IV, the series has actually captivated us in the past. “The Trails of Cold Steel franchise continues to impress me. Whether it’s in the depth contributed to its great turn-based fight system or the appealing discoveries tucked into its vast story, Nihon Falcom keeps taking the series in amazing instructions,” states Kimberly Wallace of Trails of Cold Steel III. “The method the designer has actually developed a huge world and its political stress is interesting, referencing occasions that took place method back in the Trails in the Sky arc. Seeing how all this history and tradition unfolds has actually been an interesting part of the journey. Fans are continuously dealt with to callbacks and character reunions that seem like benefits for the long financial investment. ” You can check out the whole evaluation for Trails of Cold Steel III right here.