We’ve been waiting a very long time to see what Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan has in shop for fans when Super Nintendo World opens its doors in 2021, and throughout a special Nintendo Direct video, we got a look at the soon-to-open amusement park location. In the video listed below, you can sign up with famous video game designer and developer of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more, Shigeru Miyamoto, for an unique trip of the park.

You get in Super Nintendo World, properly, through a huge green pipeline, however the sentimental magic does not stop there. When you emerge on the other side, you discover yourself in the lobby of Peach’s castle, as it appeared in Super Mario 64, total with Bob-omb Battlefield painting and the Peach’s Castle style music. Miyamoto states that visitors can anticipate to hear a great deal of tunes from the Super Mario series as they check out the park. 

After leaving Peach’s Castle, you are struck with a sensational view of the park. In the middle is Mount Beanpole from Super Mario 3D World with a lots of opponents and a flagpole at the top. If you have a Power-Up Band, you can connect your smart device to see your rating, coins, and digital stamps gathered from activities and enigma obstructs. Miyamoto likewise displayed an activity where you recover a secret by timing a POW block perfect. If you collect all the keys, you can face off against Bowser Jr. in a final battle. 

As Miyamoto continues his tour, he takes us to a dimly lit underground area, complete with the iconic underground theme and more secrets to uncover using the Power-Up Band. As he ventures deeper, the world grows in scale to deliver the sensation that you’ve become mini like Mario sometimes does. 

Of course, it’s not all about the Power-Up Band. Super Nintendo World likewise has various attractions, including rides featuring Mario Kart and Yoshi. Also, as you might expect, there’s a gift shop for you to grab all kinds of Nintendo souvenirs including t-shirts, hats, plushies, and other merchandise you can only get there. Super Nintendo World also serves special flavors of popcorn like Peach Caramel and Mushroom, but if you’re looking for a real meal, you can head to Kinopio’s Cafe for Mario-themed food prepared by Toads. 

You can take the joyful trip with Shigeru Miyamoto on your own listed below.

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan on February 4. There are extra strategies to open Super Nintendo World parks in Hollywood, Calif., Orlando, Fla., and Singapore in the future.

[Source: Nintendo on YouTube]