Forget the strange peripherals, bad follows up, and doubtful ports that specified Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in the series’ later years. Instead, keep in mind the magnificence days of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, since that’s where you’re opting for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2. By going back to the very first 2 video games in the franchise and improving them with modifications big and little, designer Vicarious Visions advises us why we fell for this series in the very first location.

The general structure stays totally undamaged: You choose levels based upon numerous places around the world, then get on your skateboard to finish goals like getting the high rating prior to the time limitation ends, gathering letters to define “skate,” and doing techniques over particular locations. Vicarious Visions keeps the very best parts of the video game mostly undamaged, however numerous improvements, consisting of a bigger toolbox of techniques, raises these classics to brand-new heights. Stringing together techniques feels remarkable thanks to smoother controls, and the contemporary visuals look terrific in movement.

While these video games are enjoyable independent of fond memories, as a fan of the initial video games, I enjoyed how this release offers continuous nods to the traditional variations. Featuring each and every single real-life skater from those very first 2 video games, a boosted create-a-skater mode, and almost every tune from the traditional soundtracks, this is a crowd-pleasing remaster package. Stepping back into the shoes of Tony Hawk and squashing a halfpipe as Goldfinger’s “Superman” comes by my speakers brought a smile to my face. However, this package likewise includes numerous current-day skaters and a big choice of brand-new tunes. By masterfully mixing old with brand-new, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 arrive on a sweet area.


All the levels from the initial video games are likewise offered, total with lovely remodelings for the existing innovation. I was continuously impressed by how stunning these brand-new environments look. The phases feel loyal to the variations you played twenty years earlier, while at the same time including the appearance of brand-new productions. Perhaps most unexpected is how well the levels hold up today; skating through the streets of San Francisco and New York still feels terrific, and the ageless styles of Warehouse, Hangar, and the Chicago Skatepark have me returning time and once again. The levels include enjoyable courses on which you can chain together huge combinations, along with massive ramps to release off, numerous rails and edges to grind on, and lots of challenge smash through. The just drawback to these phases is that a few of the items you’re expected to ruin, like the school’s bells or the “No Skating” check in Minneapolis can be harder to identify because there’s a lot more happening with the visuals now.

If you’re searching for brand-new locations to skate, you can develop the park of your dreams. With a huge set of components select from, consisting of clever items you can curve at numerous expression points, the instinctive production tools make it simpler than ever to shift the park from your mind to the screen. Once you end up, you can submit your production to show other gamers. I enjoyed checking out the neighborhood function; my preferred produced parks wound up being the zany concepts, like an automatic rollercoaster for you to grind along, instead of the more conventional skateparks. Unfortunately, I in some cases got stuck within items in produced parks as the pieces don’t meshed as completely as they carry out in the developer-created levels.

Outside of sharing your parks, you can likewise delve into online matches. In the frenzied and enjoyable online sessions, you complete in a randomized goal playlist of quick-hit matches where 8 gamers compete for the leading area. These goals are as basic as getting the very best rating within the time limitation or landing the very best single combination, or as off-the-wall as graffiti mode, where you attempt to tag as a number of the items as possible by carrying out techniques on them. I like how you’re basically into the next match as quickly as you end up the one prior to it, with gamers able to perfectly sign up with and drop out without everybody else requiring to go back to a lobby. While I delight in the structure of the online play, the experience uses thin quick due to recurring goals and a failure to play a few of the regional multiplayer offerings like H-O-R-S-E- and Tag online. Despite making money to invest in cosmetics in the skate store, I didn’t feel inspired to stay for more than a couple of rounds at a time.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 makes the experience of playing through these video games once again feel fresh and existing. With modern visuals, smooth gameplay, and the renowned soundtrack you keep in mind, the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise might when again have a brilliant future thanks to this great blast from the past.