Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gamers have actually found a secret effective weapon concealed in a stack of rocks. Well. Kind of.

The secret Nodens’ Isu Arc bow opens for gamers who consistently struck a little stack of rocks near Brunson Turret in Northumbria. In the lake to the north, there’s a little island, and on there, you’ll discover the rock ore stack you require.

YouTuber JorRaptor takes you through the actions right here (thanks, Kotaku) and it’s been confirmed now by a variety of gamers:

Hit the rocks a couple of times – you’ll see it does not break as others do – and after that conserve and refill your video game. Rinse and repeat up until you pack in to discover the rock stack is now broken, and Nodens’ Arc Hunter Bow need to appear on the side of the screen.

Whether or not this is deliberate stays to be seen (I presume not), so if you’re eager, head there now and get it prior to Ubisoft spot it out.

ICYMI, Ubisoft just recently launched a huge bug-squashing upgrade for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The video game’s 1.1.1 upgrade is light on brand-new functions however heavy on repairs, with lots of typical problems crossed off.

Among those that stuck out for Tom in a fast scan down its long patch notes are services to the bug experienced by various individuals which saw them completely stuck in their Halloween-esque Mari Lwyd camouflage even after finishing that mission arc. Ubisoft Connect accomplishments have actually likewise been repaired, and need to properly open the next time you carry out any achievement-related action past the unlock condition.

Next up for Valhalla is a brand-new river raiding mode and a levelling system for your Jomsvikings, due to get here in February.

Cover image credit: JorRaptor