Home News This Halo 3 Mod Is Perfect For Call Of Duty Zombies Fans

This Halo 3 Mod Is Perfect For Call Of Duty Zombies Fans

This Halo 3 Mod Is Perfect For Call Of Duty Zombies Fans

Call of Duty: Zombies is among the most cherished video game modes for the popular FPS series. With Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone bringing a lots of modifications, and with Halo Infinite boiling down the pipeline, I figured this specific adjustment would be best for fans of both franchises. After attempting it out for myself, I can’t advise this Halo 3 mod enough due to the fact that of how it draws motivation from Call of Duty: Zombies. 

Simply called Halo 3: Zombie, modder CrispyMods had actually developed yet another incredible modding experience for the Halo world. According to Crisp, “Halo 3: Zombies brings the traditional zombie survival experience to Halo. Fight tough to make it through round after round, with the flood growing more powerful and more various as rounds development. This mod includes a points system, with weapons and advantages available to purchase. If you get lucky, a few special powerups might drop from zombie corpses too.”

The mod includes waves of flood, and just like with Zombies, each round increases the difficulty, making the enemies stronger and harder to kill. Want to take this on with friends? That’s cool too, this mod supports cooperative play, meaning you and three other pals can jump into the action. 

Fully equipped with a downed state and revive system, the co-op on this experience feels incredibly authentic. For those braving the waves of zombies by themselves, there is a Revive Ready perk that will give you a little boost when you think you’re about to be down and out for the count. 

Ready to get started? The modder even provided a helpful guide on what to do to get the most out of this experience: 

Ready? You can find this experience right here over at Nexus Mods. Happy hunting! 

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Thoughts on the Halo 3: Zombies mod? What other games are you looking for some suggestions with? Sound off in the remarks area listed below, delighted to point you to the mod of your dreams! 


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