Which designer Mediatonic has now rejected.

Six months earlier, Fall Guys gotten here on PlayStation 4 through membership service PlayStation Plus. Since then, it has actually been a PlayStation console unique, while likewise being offered on PC.

Six months later on, it now appears a matter of if not when the breakout fight royale will pertain to other console platforms, such as Nintendo Switch and Xbox. But when will it occur?

Around a week earlier, a bit of light brandter in between Fall Guys’ saucy Twitter and the authorities Xbox UK account set tongues wagging that Fall Guys would show up on Xbox Game Pass earlier instead of later on.

Then, last night, the Xbox Game Pass Instagram account replied to a user inquiring about Fall Guys that “it’s coming [suspicious eyes emoji]”.

This was gotten and shared as more proof – up until a quite clear rejection was unexpectedly released this afternoon from the Fall Guys main account:

Did prepares modification or did some wires get crossed? Or, as we saw with Control, did an offer get gone over a little prematurely – requiring the designer to then openly reject it?

Of course, even if Fall Guys is not pertaining to Xbox Game Pass, it does not indicate the video game will not introduce on other consoles entirely. At some point. Probably.