As anybody who’s played the video games will understand, household bloodlines can wind up getting a little strange in Crusader Kings – so why not include vampirism and lycanthropy to the mix?

Princes of Darkness is an overhaul mod based upon the World of Darkness universe (the setting for Vampire: The Masquerade), and brings some excellent old Transyvlanian energy to the middle ages world of Crusader Kings 3. It’s made by the exact same group who completed its predecessor mod for Crusader Kings 2, and evaluating by the large intricacy of this one, it’s clear the group has some experience.

I’m not completely up to speed on World of Darkness tradition, however I dipped my toe into the mod and still handled to maintain – as much as I generally can in Crusader Kings, anyhow. The essential thing is you’re a vampire, and for that reason almost never-ceasing: routine causes of death like illness will not end your life, however you can still be torched or beheaded. More worryingly, stopping working to handle your tension levels (referred to as “The Beast”) will trigger you to change into a feral wight, leading to your character’s abdication. Oh, and everybody will dislike you.

Obviously, you’ll likewise require to watch on your appetite, “a core modifier representing your requirement for blood”. This is what assists sustain your unique vampire plans and powers, and can be renewed gradually in time or with active searching. Just too you can modify agreements to require blood tithes from your vassals, eh?

From poking around the mod, I discovered that vampirism grants you access to a lot of cool brand-new abilities like blood sorcery, much of which can be opened utilizing unique creepy way of life trees called after the humours. Intrigue plays a bigger function than typical in this mod, and I checked it out by instantly sending my pals off to take the soul of a neighbouring king. I’m wanting to stake a claim on his area quickly.

Melancholy way of life? Mastered that throughout lockdown, mate.

Religion is likewise extremely essential in this mod, with various stress of vampirism sticking to various codes, and all of them apparently disliking each other. Warfare, on the other hand, positions a much heavier focus on knights, with the expertise of your knights enabling you to conquer more various forces – “particularly if primarily made up of levies”. I get the feeling the peasants are truly not going to having fun in this one, especially provided you can manage them through structures in your cities as a vampire overlord.

There’s a lot of tradition to be discovered here – together with evil spirits and monsters – so if you fangcy a go yourself, you can discover the mod on both the Steam Workshop and Paradox’s site.