Destiny gamers have actually grown familiar with the arrival of The Dawning around this time every year. Bungie’s in-game vacation event might not point out things like Hannukkah, Christmas, or New Years in any direct method, however it nevertheless is definitely a chance for snowy styles, presents, and frolicking.

Every year brings a couple of twists on expectation, and this newest version of The Dawning is no exception. Bungie has actually revealed what’s on the method for occasion, and these are the 3 most engaging factors you may wish to visit.

Tower Decorations

Even if you don’t’ choose to go bananas playing in case, it’s generally worth flying your jumpship down into The Tower for a peek around. Without stop working, Destiny 2’s vacation occasions see a visual overhaul of the Tower, and based upon the screenshot above, this year is no exception. As a reward, these very same occasions generally include brand-new musical arrangements to delight in while you toast marshmallows with Zavala and Shaxx.

Holiday Weaponry

While we don’t yet understand how it shoots, a brand-new famous combination rifle is going into the toolbox as part of the occasion. The mouthful-of-a-name for the brand-new weapon is the Glacioclasm, and Bungie is assuring that every one includes random rolls, which must motivate especially dedicated gamers to locate their individual god rolls for the product.

Traveling In Customized Style

I’m especially delighted by the arrival of a brand-new unique ship, however it’s not even if it looks quite in the above screenshot. Rather, if the early statement is to be trusted, this brand-new ship provides something that Bungie thought about for the video game years and years ago prior to the launch of the initial Destiny – personalized dive ships.

In this case, the brand-new ship doesn’t use the complete body personalizing that I’ve constantly wished for, however with adjustable engine streams and an animated shader that is special to the ship, it’s an action in the instructions of ship cosmetic personalization that I’ve long preferred. Ships are among the most apparent methods to individualize your Guardian when playing amongst good friends, so any action to let gamers even more make a ship their own is an excellent action in my evaluation.

Beyond these 3 functions, the Dawning likewise guarantees brand-new products in the Eververse shop, along with a cool common function in which gamers gather Dawning Spirit by taking part in the occasion, and as a neighborhood, greater involvement lead to much better presents “under the Tree” at the Tower.

The Dawning occasion is offered to all Destiny 2 gamers from December 15 to January 5.