On PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Obsidian has actually validated that Murder on Eridanos, sci-fi experience The Outer Worlds’ 2nd growth, will be making its method to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation next Wednesday, 17th March.

Murder on Eridanos, which follows on from in 2015’s Peril on Gorgon growth, sets gamers the job of revealing distinguished starlet Halcyon Helen’s killer, an examination that takes them all throughout a high-end resort of wandering islands captured in a continuous storm.

There are hints to discover utilizing the brand-new Discrepancy Amplifier tool, alibis to scrutinise, and witnesses to question – consisting of a few of the world’s most significant stars – and Obsidian preserves The Outer Worlds’ choice-driven action by providing gamers a broad series of choices when it concerns determining the offender.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos – Official Opening Cinematic.

“Do you wrongly implicate an innocent viewer?”, the designer asks on the PlayStation Blog. “Do you provide a bad case with absence of proof? How will others react? What occurs if you attempt to encourage individuals that you in some way are accountable for the murder?”.

Expect to discover brand-new advantages and defects, brand-new clinical weapons, brand-new armour versions, and a variety of brand-new missions as Murder on Eridanos unfolds.

Murder on Eridanos will be readily available to acquire separately (most likely for around £12 if the expense of Peril on Gorgon is any indicator) or as part of The Outer Worlds’ £20 growth pass when it releases next Wednesday, 17th March, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.