Plus brand-new variation of Halloween’s Darkwalker occasion.

Developer Hinterland’s well-known wilderness survival experience The Long Dark is inviting visitors to a new area, Ash Canyon, as part of its totally free brand-new Survival Mode Hesitant Prospect upgrade, readily available now on all platforms.

Ash Canyon is referred to as a hard-to-reach location – “specified by high spacious walls and burned-out forest” – situated on the far side of Timberwolf Mountain. “If you can browse your method through the treacherous landscape,” teases Hinterland, “you may discover a deserted mine that conceals treasures worth more than gold to any survivor. Just take care when crossing the painful rope-bridges. It’s a long method down!”.

To help survivors happy to brave Ash Canyon, Hinterland has actually presented 2 brand-new equipment products in its December upgrade. There are Crampons, which assist avoid sprains and makes it much easier to take a trip over weak ice, and the Technical Pack, including an irreversible capability enthusiast to the stock.

The Long Dark – Hesitant Prospect upgrade trailer.

Those searching for delights of a more supernatural personality can attempt their hand at an upgraded variation of The Long Dark’s horror-focussed Escape the Darkwalker mode, which at first introduced as a limited-time occasion this Halloween. “You are being hunted by a sinister undetectable force,” discusses Hinterland, “Use unique paint Glyphs to purchase yourself time to leave. Time invested in each area counts down towards harmful green fog appearing which will gradually suffocate you. You should get rid of the Darkwalker prior to you lack time!”.

Players that handle total the Darkwalker Challenge will open the brand-new Darkwalker Feat for usage in Survival Mode. When allowed, gamers will get an endurance increase in the evening, however will discover that their endurance drains pipes throughout the day. Hesitant Prospect likewise presents the brand-new, and obvious, Endless Night custom-made mode setting, along with different lifestyle enhancements, as comprehensive over on Steam.

To commemorate Hesitant Prospect’s arrival, there’s currently 75% off The Long Dark on Valve’s platform, bringing the cost to £5.94.