“Please keep your feedback coming, and we will be launching additional spots as repairs are discovered.”

Square Enix has actually taken information gathered “after Early Access” to press out a brand-new Steam spot in an effort to attend to the stability concerns pestering Marvel’s Avengers on PC.

“We have actually simply launched our very first spot for Marvel’s Avengers, develop 12.9,” describes an upgrade on the video game’s Steam page. “This spot is mainly concentrated on stability, based upon the information we have actually gathered after Early Access began a couple of days back.

“We know a variety of other concerns that are triggering issues for a few of our gamers, and groups are tough at work resolving those, however for now we wish to ensure we get these stability enhancements that have actually currently been recognized to all of you,” the post includes. “Please keep your feedback coming, and we will be launching additional spots as repairs are discovered.”

Fixes in spot V1.0 Build 12.9 consist of a “work-around” to attend to concerns with the NVIDIA 10-series motorist that was triggering crashes, a DEVICE_HUNG crash some gamers faced in the sewage systems, and a bug that avoided some from tossing rocks as Hulk or shooting as Iron Man.

The spot likewise allows Steam Cloud to “enable you to quickly synchronise your save-games in between numerous PCs”.

Marvel’s Avengers post-launch DLC characters each have their own $10 fight pass. In a prolonged and complicated post in which Square Enix information how the video game handles equipment and cosmetics, the $10 passes – called Hero Challenge Cards – “enable gamers to make Resources, Units, Credits, and Cosmetics for finishing in-game difficulties”.

The premium Hero Challenge Card benefits have actually currently been opened for the 6 beginning heroes, something Square Enix states “avoid[s] content gating and assurance that you and your good friends can experience these amazing additions together”. However, to open all benefits for any brand-new heroes presented post-launch, gamers will need to open premium benefits for each one individually with 1,000 in-game credits.

Marvel’s Avengers will include Hawkeye herself, Kate Bishop, to its growing lineup of heroes in October. Bishop’s story objectives will likewise present Clint Barton, who will then end up being playable in November. Both characters are, naturally, likewise called Hawkeye.