The Last of Us was a renowned addition to the PlayStation lineup and with its follow up out this year and a TELEVISION series en route, Ellie and Joel are back in the spotlight. While the follow up was met blended reception, The Last of Us journey is far from over since a brand-new tabletop adjustment has actually been revealed. 

The Last of Us tabletop experience originates from a collaboration in between CMON and Sony Interactive Entertainment. If CMON sounds familiar, you might remember this business from its deal with Sony in the past for both the God of War and Bloodborne adjustments. 

This is the very first time The Last of Us has actually been adjusted into a parlor game formally. With this video game, the thriller and sense of threat will be felt in a various method not on a screen. Unfortunately, we do not take a look at the set rather yet or what sort of minis it will use, however if it’s anything like its Bloodborne experience, it will be extremely detailed and will honor the Naughty Dog series magnificently. 

The Last of Us’s universe is extremely psychological and CMON intends to recreate that exact same expressive action to that world with this experience. “Remembering the effect The Last of Us had on me when I initially experienced it years earlier, and after that being totally stunned by The Last of Us Part II, I understood this was a narrative experience we wished to give the board video gaming table,” states Geoff Skinner, VP of Entertainment and Head of Licensing at CMON. “We are honored to have the opportunity to equate a contemporary classic of the computer game market into a distinct and engaging parlor game experience. The Last of Us is a series that a lot of us at CMON have actually followed from its beginning and we aspire to adjust the stirring character-driven gamer experience to tabletop, letting fans check out the world and story in a entirely brand-new method.”

It’ll be interesting to find out more about The Last of Us tapletop experience. Hopefully we’ll get a better look here prior to the holiday begins. 

[Source: CMON]