Bird-flying video game The Falconeer invites a substantial, complimentary, upgrade today in the shape of The Kraken. This not just brings brand-new material however essential repairs and enhancements too.

The brand-new material focuses on what is below the water, and it looks as though you’ll have the ability to go there in some type of little submarine. Down in the depths, you’ll reveal wrecks, temples, and sources of excellent wealth. But you’ll likewise find things that do not desire you there. Things with numerous arms.

There are brand-new areas to find also, and brand-new guilds providing objectives developed to press you to the outermost corners of the map.

Meanwhile, the enhancements take on a variety of things I griped about in The Falconeer evaluation. There are brand-new guide objectives to much better discuss a few of the video game’s systems; there are interface enhancements; and results have actually been enhanced.

Combat has actually been a specific focus. Battles are obviously smoother and more expanded now, which seems like a service to a few of the discouraging problem spikes. Enemy AI has actually been enhanced also, and they acquire the capability to roll, making them more manoeuvrable in fight. You can keep an eye on them with a brand-new opponent sign.

A great deal of this work has actually been performed in reaction to evaluations of the video game, both from press and fans. Creator Tomas Sala, who made the video game mostly on his own, even turned up in the remarks area of our evaluation to collect feedback, which was a charming thing to do. And then, in addition to now, he dedicated to enhancing The Falconeer for numerous months to come.

It’s his enthusiasm for the task that makes The Falconeer so special, therefore individual. A video game hasn’t left this type of impression on me a while.

The Falconeer is boosted for Xbox Series S and X, and offered on Xbox One and PC too. It’s £25.