Developer Dontnod doesn’t avoid challenging subjects, even if it indicates some mistakes along the method. On one hand, this is exceptional; the studio has actually assisted press the medium forward in the stories it can inform, checking out difficult topics like psychological health and bigotry. On the other hand, this is brand-new area, and there’s still plenty to find out. Tell Me Why showcases this predicament; Tyler breaks brand-new ground as a transgender lead character, however Dontnod likewise looks into subjects such as sorrow, panic attack, and the value of treatment. For all these advances, this video game still stumbles with some representations and plot holes.

Tell Me Why centers on twins Tyler and Alyson, who are revived together after being separated for a years. While pleased to be reunited, the event strikes a mournful note because they need to prepare to offer their departed mom’s home – which likewise indicates facing the awful occasion that triggered her death and separated them all those years earlier. Tyler and Alyson’s bond is effective and genuine, and I took pleasure in every scene in between the 2 of them, whether it was simply small talk or facing their challenging past. Dontnod does an excellent task at emerging memories that display how unique their relationship is, because they just had each other maturing.

While Tyler and Alyson’s exchanges are what make the experience, the exact same can’t be stated for the total story. It has an excellent quantity of thriller and stress as you attempt to find out what truly occurred with their mom, however Tell Me Why’s three-part arc relocations at an over-accelerated speed. Relationships feel hurried, particularly when it concerns love and forgiveness. 

None of this is more obvious than when attempting to reveal what kind of individual the twins’ mom truly was. She winds up feeling more like a plot gadget than individual due to unusual information, and even in the end, you never ever truly get any rewarding responses. I won’t ruin anything, however her story has lots of plot holes, particularly in regards to her psychological wellness, and it’s a pity Dontnod didn’t manage this element much better considering its delicate nature. That being stated, the authors do a better task with Tyler; the story discuss him being transgender, however it’s not the focus. The tale strikes an excellent balance in between acknowledging this part of him however not letting it eclipse or specify the journey of facing his mom’s death. 

The roadway to approval has you checking out Tyler and Alyson’s little home town in Alaska and choosing as they remember memories from their past. Dontnod takes the twins’ extreme connection one action even more by providing an unique capability to hear each other’s ideas and see their recollections from the previous together. In numerous methods, you are chasing their memories as they emerge, which often causes discovering a required product or brand-new idea. I liked this element since it showcases how 2 individuals can keep in mind the exact same occasion in a different way, and it fits well with the total style of assessing how the previous shaped you as an individual.


However, there’s one part of Alyson and Tyler’s unique capability that didn’t work for me. At particular minutes in the story, the twins keep in mind occasions a bit in a different way, such as if a character appeared mad or unfortunate throughout a heated exchange. You then select whose memory you wish to think. It seems like you’re being required to revoke how the other character feels, or simply picking the variation you wish to think over discovering the fact. This isn’t about concerning terms with the occasions, and I discovered the mechanic more aggravating than rewarding, like it was needlessly pitting the characters versus each other. 

The options in Tell Me Why feel more subtle and less impactful compared to Dontnod’s previous work, and I seemed like I didn’t have as much company over the story or occasions. Your choices aspect into Alyson and Tyler’s relationship and how they select to proceed with their lives, however the distinctions are small. 

When you’re not making discussion options, you experience small puzzles and minigames, which are likewise really struck or miss out on. I enjoyed ice fishing and fixing the riddles, however taking a look at tombs to discover an individual or browsing archives by keeping in mind file names are more tiresome than enjoyable. One skillfully executed mechanic is assisting Alyson get on track throughout an anxiety attack by taking a look at an app that you tap to manage her breathing. 

Tell Me Why doesn’t precisely respond to the concern it positions in its title, and possibly that’s the point. Even so, I came away with blended sensations by the end. I truly took pleasure in being familiar with Tyler and Alyson, and I felt the thriller and intrigue of finding out this bigger secret, however it likewise dissatisfied me. This was just additional showed in the ending option, which is simply definitely dreadful in regards to how it’s presented and how the characters justify it in the scenes that follow. It doesn’t end on a strong note, and what’s in between has lots of low and high. The highs make it worth playing, however simply anticipate to be shaking your head when those low points struck.