At today’s DC FanDome livestreaming occasion, WB Montreal revealed Gotham Knights, a brand-new combat-focused Batman experience that provides you control of Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. In a teaser trailer that remains in engine, we see these vigilantes and heroes utilizing their unique capability and degrees of violence.

The teaser starts with a tape-recorded message from Bruce Wayne, he’s older than he remained in the Arkham video games, and has a serious message to report. This video being relayed to his Bat-household indicates he’s dead, the Batcave is ruined, and Gotham’s bad guys understand it.

WB Montreal then offered us a take a look at gameplay that concentrates on Batgirl. The demonstration starts with her on a batcycle roaring down a highway, indicating the world is open and can be checked out. It looks enormous. We then see her usage a lot of the stealth and traversal strategies from the Gotham video games to check out a location patrolled by bad guys. She can grapple approximately high beams, utilize her cape to slide off of them, and slip around to stay unnoticed. She is then signed up with by Red Robin, who seems managed by another gamer, however that part is simply speculation. Batgirl and Red Robin reverse throughout the demonstration, which sees them getting in a structure frozen over by Mr. Freeze.

This location includes a couple of scripted minutes, among which has Batgirl falling onto ice and moving down it into a structure’s interior. The architecture, wealth of information, and lighting are all similar to the Arkham series.

The demonstration concludes with Batgirl and Red Robin browsing a thick snowstorm and facing Freeze in his chamber. They both engage him simultaneously and he rains ice blasts on them. The video game looks gorgeous and seems a real follower to the Arkham series. WB ends the tease with a couple of shots of the Court of Owls, a secret society that just recently ended up being a big part of the comics tradition, however hasn’t belonged of any of the video games. I can’t wait to learn more about this title, which will strike at an undefined time in 2021. You can see the gameplay video listed below: