Supercell, the developer of the hugely popular Clash of Clans and Clash Royale mobile video games, today revealed 3 brand-new video games remain in advancement at the studio. All of these upcoming titles share the “Clash” name and characters, however are hugely various in style. Supercell states all of these are early in advancement, yet wished to provide fans a take a look at what is next for this precious brand name.

The very first video game revealed is called Clash Quest, a tactical experience versus A.I. managed opponents. The gamer needs to plan versus what defenses remain in play, and choose the ideal mix of Clash characters to deal with the hazard. These characters operate just like their Clash Royale equivalents, such as the Prince rushing forward, however are divided up into rows, which brings a totally various technique, as you will wish to connect the very same systems in various rows to produce chain attacks. If you lack systems, it’s video game over. If the opponent falls, you move and win on to the next fight.

As you advance, you’ll open brand-new system types, such as the bomber. One brand-new touch is that you’ll likewise make various products and weapons for these characters gradually. While it appears the majority of the unlockable characters are from other Clash video games, in charges and bad guys that you fight versus are totally brand-new to the Clash universe. Some of these enemies tower over the battleground.

The 2nd video game is called Clash Mini, which Supercell states is boardgame-like in style. True to that contrast, two-players contend by dropping figures (called “minis”) on a board at the very same time on various boxes on a 5×4 grid. At that point, the A.I. takes control of and the minis remove in a dash. If they encounter each other, a fight takes place. If not, they run uncontested to the opposite. Clash Mini is explained by Supercell as a casual technique video game that provides fast head-to-head sessions.

You’ll lastly take total control of the Clash characters in the 3rd approaching video game, Clash Heroes. This top-down action video game looks comparable in style to Diablo or Gauntlet, because the gamer is typically surrounded by crowds of opponents. You’ll likewise see the Goblin huts from Clash Royale spitting out an endless variety of opponents up until they are totally damaged. Weapons and armor will drop to provide the familiar cast make overs.

Again, no release dates were provided for any of these video games, however it is excellent to see Supercell keeping this popular video gaming brand name alive and well.