No franchise has actually remained in the farming video game as long as Story of Seasons, best called Bokujo Monogatari in Japan (and formerly called Harvest Moon in North America). Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the series developed a formula that’s motivated hit video games like Stardew Valley. But over the last few years, it’s had a hard time to remain pertinent with fresh concepts. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town attempts to keep the flame alive by having you establish a town and offering enjoyable functions (like an image mode and museum) to fill with discoveries. The loop is amusing, however the benefits aren’t pleasing enough for the financial investment needed to get them.

Like its predecessors, Pioneers of Olive Town starts with you landing in a little town and beginning a brand-new life as a farmer. Olive Town is having a hard time, and the mayor requests for your assistance in turning it around. You get advancement tasks, which need you to gather the best products to enhance crucial aspects like roadways, benches, and the city center. Watching the city change with each upgrade feels beneficial, considering that more travelers concern the location and Olive Town starts to look a lot more appealing. However, don’t anticipate to have much control over the town’s improvement. You get asked concerns as if your viewpoint and instructions matters, however all responses cause the very same location, and going on bring mission after bring mission gets tedious quickly.

That being stated, the core loop of taking a farm from absolutely nothing to an effective operation is still amusing. I anticipated every center upgrade, brand-new animal, or crafting dish I might open. While you’re roaming the wilderness, you can likewise now tame wild animals and bring them to the farm, implying you’re not constantly spending money for brand-new animals. Money can come easy, however it’s the products you require for the crafting, townspeople demands, and structure enhancements that induce the obstacle. I didn’t mind this initially; breaking rocks for ores, lowering trees for lumber, and tidying up puddles for clay is basic enough. But these products require to be processed in devices, and each device has a particular function, from transforming milk into cheese to turning wool into yarn. The issue? Not just exist far a lot of of them for each little thing, however placing the necessary products just produces one transformed product, so if you require 50 of a particular kind of lumber (and you will), it can take an infuriating quantity of time. You can develop more than among each device type, however they use up crucial area.


My journey through Pioneers of Olive Town had lots of low and high. Things either came too simple, like charming the townsperson of my option, or needed excessive effort, like opening some farm centers. I was impressed with just how much there is to do, however all of it comes at an expense; I seemed like I might never ever hang out checking out specific elements, such as developing clothes or entering cooking, since they need valuable time and feel irrelevant compared to your other jobs.

Olive Town’s locations appear little initially, however as you develop bridges to brand-new locations, satisfy Earth Sprites that take you to unique locations, and search different caverns with treasure-filled floorings, things broaden a lot. You are continuously enhancing your abilities as you do the fundamental jobs of tilling the land, lowering trees, breaking rocks, and this in turns opens more crafting dishes to get you things like automated feeds for your animals or ornamental furnishings. This supplies a gratifying sense of your character advancing and brand-new things to constantly anticipate.

I likewise delighted in the enjoyable little touches like having the ability to ride a motorbike or utilize the different installs to navigate. Festivals are hit-or-miss, with some being more interactive than others. The video game likewise supplies a museum comparable to Animal Crossing, where you can contribute your treasures, fish, and pictures you’ve taken of wildlife. Furniture and home upgrades are likewise aplenty, although your home feels a little restricted to where you can put things. You have this large design, with just a picked, smaller sized location to truly embellish as your own.

For those thinking about the social elements, you get brand-new scenes at a constant rate by walking the town and talking with villagers, that made me wish to put in the time to visit them. I anticipated these scenes to read more about individuals in Olive Town, however in general, I didn’t discover this cast unforgettable or amazing. No one is straight-out irritating (other than for possibly food critic Lovett), however the villagers merely fill their functions as store owners and members of the neighborhood and deal absolutely nothing special beyond that. The occasions as you advance in a love fare far better, as they truly do record the chemistry and development in your relationship.

I mainly had an enjoyable time with Pioneers of Olive Town, however it isn’t the most technically sound video game. Patches have actually continued to enhance my experience, however anticipate some irritating filling times, framerate concerns (specifically stuttering), and the periodic video game freeze. Nothing triggered me to stop playing in disappointment, however understand that this is still not the best experience.

Pioneers of Olive Town is a good Story of Seasons entry, however it’s not more than that. I still got taken in by the core formula of improving my farm and enjoyed making brand-new discoveries as I checked out. I have a lot of things I delight in about this video game, however came across simply as numerous that didn’t strike the mark. I likewise can’t get away from believing, after all this time, shouldn’t this series be making bigger leaps forward and leaving a more powerful impression?

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