The impending Stardew Valley 1.5 upgrade includes a brand-new Beach Farm type and a brand-new Advanced Game Options menu, designer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone exposed on Twitter.

“If you’re a skilled gamer thinking about beginning a brand-new farm when 1.5 comes out, I’d like to highlight a number of brand-new functions,” Barone stated. “There will be a brand-new farm type, Beach Farm, and a brand-new Advanced Game Options menu, from which you can change some elements of the video game.”

There’s a screenshot revealing the innovative video game alternatives, that include remixed recreation center packages, a toggle for Guarantee Year 1 Completable, a setting for mine benefits, and a toggle for generate beasts on the farm.

As Barone described in a follow-up tweet, Guarantee Year 1 Completable describes red cabbage.

“Right now in Stardew Valley, there’s a package that needs red cabbage, which can’t be gotten in year one other than by random opportunity at the taking a trip merchant, which may not occur,” Barone stated. “Selecting ‘ensured y1 completable’ makes sure that red cabbage seed will appear in y1.”

Remixed packages are a randomised mix of some brand name brand-new packages and likewise old packages, Barone said, “however often the old ones have variations, for instance they may need various crops or fish.”

If you pick “regular” then you get the traditional Stardew Valley set of packages.

These brand-new innovative video game alternatives are just offered when you make a brand-new farm, Barone confirmed. The alternatives, with one exception, can’t be altered when you have actually begun the video game.

If you’re stressed over feeding animals on the Beach Farm, there’s no requirement. “Grass grows on the sand!” Barone stated. Oh, and any crop can be planted in the sand.

It is, nevertheless, worth keeping in mind the Beach Farm description in the screenshot. It exposes: “sprinklers do not operate in the sandy soil.” This indicates you’ll need to water by hand.

“Yep, the old made method,” Barone said. “I understand it may be questionable, that’s why I’m offering everybody forewarning. I type of like watering by hand, myself. If you play through the whole upgrade, by the end you may understand, in context, the sprinkler limitation isn’t that bad…”

Barone has stated the 1.5 upgrade is most likely out for PC by the end of 2020, and due out on console early 2021. Not long now!