The aggressive microtransactions of Star Wars Battlefront II left a bad impression on some gamers, which might be why EA’s next venture into the Star Wars universe left them behind. However, that isn’t to state that Star Wars: Squadrons has actually stopped progressing because its launch; the group at Motive Studios has actually continued to upgrade the video game with brand-new functions and choices – all offered to gamers free of charge.

The most current content drop – very first gone over last month – includes 2 timeless starfighters to the video game: one for the Rebel Alliance, and one for the Empire. The heros get the B-Wing, which appeared in Return of the Jedi. The bad men get the TIE Defender, an effective Imperial ship that was presented in the initial TIE Fighter PC video game. You can see these 2 brand-new starfighters (together with other functions) in the video above.

The upgrade is offered now on all platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Of course, you can likewise play the video game (by means of backwards compatibility) on the brand-new-gen consoles. 

While the new ships are the piece de resistance, that isn’t where the tweaks stop with this upgrade. You can check out the full release notes for the total account, however here is an excerpt from the “General” classification of repairs:

  • Added Custom Games and a server internet browser, offered in the Multiplayer & Training menu
  • Adjusted Skill Rating requirements for each tier by means of server-side modification recently (see listed below for complete information)
  • Updated Skill Rating gain/loss ratios to much better show each gamer’s efficiency in a match by means of server-side modification recently
  • Ongoing server-side matchmaking enhancements
  • Fixed a concern where the video game might crash if the gamer didn’t avoid through the outro screens of a match
  • Fixed a concern where the video game might crash when packing into Fostar Haven
  • Fixed a concern where having Lighting quality set to Low might develop extreme flashes of light on Fostar Haven
  • Fixed a concern where AI in multiplayer might on event offer no hull damage to gamers with their main weapons
  • Fixed or enhanced circumstances of bad accident detection on Fostar Haven, Galitan, Esseles, Nadiri Dockyards, Zavian Abyss, and Sissubo
  • Fixed concern where the interior of the TIE interceptor might vanish after respawning
  • Fixed concern where Star Destroyer engine VFX might flicker
  • Fixed a concern where PlayStation 5 visuals appeared blurred.

Check out EA’s post for me, or perhaps much better – hop into Squadrons yourself and see how the video game has actually altered. If you do, which brand-new ship are you going to check out initially?