And Crying Suns is totally free right now.

Epic Store’s weekly computer game giveaways keep coming, and next up is DICE’s area shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2, which will be totally free to download beginning Thursday, 14th January.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s extremely expected launch in 2017 was, naturally, permanently polluted by the debate surrounding its pay-to-win monetisation and loot box systems – both so roundly criticised that publisher EA and DICE eventually reversed course, drastically remodeling the video game’s development system and moving to cosmetic-only microtransactions rather.

With those modifications total, it was far simpler to value the strengths of DICE’s shooter, which, as GamingOverpowered’s Martin Robinson explained in his preliminary evaluation, was constantly efficient in some truly stunning minutes of action, in spite of its unneeded fussiness. “When it clicks into location…there’s absolutely nothing rather like it,” he composed, “and all the drama and suspicious choices made somewhere else should not eclipse DICE’s typically extraordinary accomplishments”.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch trailer.

The designer continued to build on Battlefront 2’s strong, if rather muddled, core in the years that followed – including the similarity brand-new multiplayer maps and modes, and eventually providing a decently satisfying Star Wars romp, in spite of its dreadful launch.

Epic’s giveaway – the Celebration Edition of Battlefront 2 – functions all those post-launch additions, along with all cosmetic material formerly readily available as in-game purchases, right as much as and consisting of those launched as part of the video game’s Rise of Skywalker upgrade.

Players will have the ability to add Star War Battlefront 2’s Celebration Edition to their Epic Store libraries at no charge for one week beginning next Thursday, 14th January. Before that, tactical sci-fi roguelike Crying Suns can be downloaded free of charge on the shop.