Everything we understand about browsing the strange labyrinth.

Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time is a surprise brand-new mission, and has actually seen the Destiny neighborhood unite to exercise its secrets.

Released following January 14th, 2020’s weekly reset, it sees Osiris provide you the unclear job of checking out the Corridors of Time – a labyrinth reached by triggering the Sundial.

Within is a series of spaces branching off from one to the next, and by following the best course, you’ll discover numerous endings. Though nobody has actually ‘fixed’ the Corridors of Time and finished the mission at the time of composing, numerous paths and some ideas regarding what’s next have actually been discovered. Here’s what gamers have actually fixed up until now.

Update (10:15am, January 20th, 2020): After nearly 6 days, an option for the Corridors of Time mission has actually been discovered. See the ‘how to finish the Corridors of Time’ mission area listed below for information – permitting you to start with the Bastion mission ahead of the January 20, 2020 weekly reset.

How to go into the Corridors of Time and how it works

To go into the Corridors of Time and get the ‘Exploring the Corridors of Time’ mission, go to Osiris, who can be discovered at his typical place at the Sundial, discovered on the Mercury director screen.

The mission will discuss “there are locations within the Corridors of Time that you have not seen yet”, and to start, you need to communicate with the Sundial’s console to the right.


The Corridors of Time is essentially a maze constructed rooms branching off in multiple directions, with a symbol assigned to each. Follow the correct route via these symbols and you’ll reach an ending, giving you some lore and a possible further clue for how to solve the mission.

Once you have completed a route, you can reset the Corridors of Time by interacting with the panel to the left of where you first enter and before you run the maze.


It’s possible to use this reset button if you mess up the route or get lost. Note that if you die on your travels – these rooms are filled with Vex, which you are free to run past – then you’ll re-enter the maze wherever you left off, so there’s no need to start over.


How do you work out where to go? Each of the Obelisks found throughout the solar system – which were introduced during this current season – are currently showing a grid of symbols. This is a route you can take through the maze, starting with the upper right symbol, then clockwise around to the top, then to the centre panel.

This Obelisk tells you how to complete ‘Route 4’ in the below table.

Every Obelisk shows the same thing, and they all refresh every hour. So far, thanks to the likes of the raidsecrets reddit, 19 clues have been displayed by the Obelisks, each one leading to the same end location – the Timelost Vault – giving you a new piece of lore as part of a Triumph.

How to complete the Corridors of Time quest in Destiny 2

Almost six days after the puzzle went live, the community has banded together to find a path to the end, with GLADD reported to be the first to complete it.

Via jaydenkieran on reddit, the path is as follows:

  • Flower, Diamond, Snake, Flower, Plus, Plus, Hex, Hex, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond, Flower, Snake, Plus, Plus, Snake, Snake, Hex, Diamond, Flower, Plus, Diamond, Hex, Hex, Diamond, Plus, Diamond
The five symbols to follow – Flower, Snake, Diamond, Hex, Plus.

The solution was discovered by crowdsourcing grids from the community, revealing a path to the very end of the maze:

Completing this quest then leads to a monologue from Saint-14, and a new quest to pick up from Saint-14 at the Tower – which ultimately leads to receiving exotic Bastion as your reward.

It should be noted this isn’t the only method to unlocking Bastion, if you don’t fancy exploring the maze!

Currently active is the Festival of the Lost event, which features Cipher Decoders, and coincided with the end of the Interference quest.

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Destiny 2 Corridors of Time routes and puzzle solutions discovered so far

Obelisks across the solar system will cycle through one of 19 sets of symbols, hour-by-hour. Run the routes as shown, by going through the door next to the corresponding symbol, to reach the Timelost Vault and receive some lore.

A reminder of the five symbols to follow – Flower, Snake, Diamond, Hex, Plus.

Note the order you run each path doesn’t matter – the route number is simply in the order they first appeared, and you’ll receive tradition in order from 1 to 19 regardless of which one you start with.

The route doesn’t currently need to be showing on the Obelisk for you to run the route either – though some in the community have said that, if a route doesn’t work to try running it backwards, which seems to do the trick.

Credit to raidsecrets reddit for solving the following routes.

Corridors of Time route Symbols to follow
1 Plus, Snake, Flower, Hex, Snake, Plus, Diamond
2 Flower, Flower, Hex, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Snake
3 Plus, Flower, Diamond, Diamond, Snake, Diamond, Diamond
4 Diamond, Flower, Plus, Hex, Flower, Hex, Flower
5 Diamond, Plus, Snake, Hex, Hex, Diamond, Plus
6 Diamond, Hex, Snake, Hex, Flower, Flower, Plus
7 Diamond, Plus, Flower, Hex, Snake, Hex, Snake
8 Flower, Plus, Flower, Hex, Flower, Diamond, Snake
9 Flower, Flower, Flower, Snake, Diamond, Hex, Diamond
10 Plus, Hex, Flower, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Hex
11 Snake, Hex, Snake, Hex, Diamond, Hex, Snake
12 Hex, Snake, Plus, Hex, Snake, Hex, Plus
13 Flower, Plus, Flower, Diamond, Snake, Snake, Hex
14 Hex, Diamond, Snake, Plus, Hex, Plus, Plus
15 Flower, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond
16 Snake, Hex, Hex, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Diamond
17 Flower, Diamond, Hex, Flower, Plus, Diamond, Plus
18 Diamond, Plus, Plus, Flower, Snake, Plus, Diamond
19 Hex, Plus, Plus, Diamond, Hex, Snake, Snake
Emblem Diamond, Flower, Snake, Plus, Hex, Hex, Plus, Hex, Diamond, Flower, Snake

We’ll be updating the page when any more discoveries – including the end of the mission itself – has been discovered!