Mario’s popular “gay Bowser” line isn’t in Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ variation of Super Mario 64 – and fans are waving an unfortunate bye-bye.

In the initial N64 work of art, Mario yells “so long, gay Bowser!” as he chucks Bowser in the last manager battle. Here’s how it sounds:

Fans invested years attempting to exercise what the discussion was choosing – or perhaps if it was being heard properly. Time passed, the line ended up being a meme, and all of us proceeded.

Until April 2019, when Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, required to Twitter to firmly insist Mario is stating “so long kinga Bowser!”, however no-one purchased that. A fan remediation released in July 2020 makes it sound a lot more like Mario is stating “gay Bowser”.

As reported by Kotaku, Mario does not state “gay Bowser” or anything of the sort in the Mario 64 that remains in Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch. Instead, Mario states “buh-bye!” as he tosses Bowser. And, it appears, that’s because Nintendo has actually replicated the Super Mario 64 Shindou Pak Taiou variation for the collection.

The obscure Super Mario 64 Shindou Pak Taiou variation was launched in Japan in 1997, a year after the initial, and consists of some key differences. One of these is Mario states “buh-bye!” as he tosses Bowser, which’s obviously since Bowser is referred to as King Kooper in Japan, therefore the “gay Bowser” line needed to be changed.

As you’d anticipate, there are a lot of individuals regreting the loss of the “gay Bowser” line. So long, gay Bowser, you might state.

Come on then, what’s Mario really saying in the initial? If we can all agree Martinet isn’t stating “gay Bowser”, what is he stating? So long, dear Bowser? So long, king Bowser? So long-a Bowser? Or is he actually stating so long, gay Bowser? Answers in the remarks.