While the video gaming neighborhood anxiously awaits for any sort of verification about whether those Silent Hill reboot reports hold true, modders have actually been keeping that scary love alive in their own method for many years nows. We’ve blogged about a couple of various Silent Hill-like mod experiences in the past, however one that I’ve been covering for years simply got a significant brand-new upgrade that takes the world of Whispering Hills and revives it in Fallout 4. 

Whispering Hills, for those that might not recognize, is an overall overhaul mod for Fallout 4 that is developed particularly to provide a Silent Hill-like experience in the Commonwealth. This mod has actually remained in advancement for rather a long time now, with a model variation likewise offered to play. Now the group has actually flaunted episode one, “Welcome back to school,” and it takes this task to an entire other level. 

The video above display what the very first episode gives the table, consisting of a completely voiced questline for gamers to handle. As is the nature of lots of creepy stories, episode one will take gamers deep into the heart of Midwitch Elementary School, a school based off of the Midwhich center in the very first video game. Queue up the fog, the rain, and the basic scary vibes, and Whispering Hills simply got a great deal much better and worth having a look at.

Still not absolutely offered? It generates SirenHead, Mumblers, Lying figures, evil spirits, the Silent Hill nurses, Screamers, the weird as all heck pet dogs, and Pyramid Head into the mix. It’s quite remarkable and assists kill time while we take in all of the reports about the future of this renowned scary series. 

There are a couple of various locations to download this totally free mod, however I personally utilize NexusMods myself. You can download the possessions required on Nexus, ModDB, or discover it in your Xbox mods menu in Fallout 4.