It’s October, which for much of us implies that the Halloween events have actually currently begun! To make the month of spooks even spookier, Silent Hill 4: The Room is picking up thanks to a digital release on GOG, and it’s a quite remarkable offer for scary fans. 

Silent Hill 4: The Room initially made its launching back in 2004 and it dramatically rotated the franchise in a various instructions, specifically concerning the function where gamers would all of a sudden discover themselves held detainee in the in-game house. The first-person viewpoint made this experience exceptionally immersive, making the expedition of the house intimidating and frightening.

Upon exploring this location, the setup where gamers discover a little website to the world of Silent Hill in the house was a great touch. While the house was a swing (and a miss out on for some) in a brand-new instructions, the bulk of the video game was quite inline with what this series is understood for: chills and delights and a great deal of confusion in the very best method possible. 

Silent Hill 4 used the very same kinds of puzzles that these video games are understood for as gamers change into the function of Henry Townshend. In real Silent Hill style, Townshend has a concealed trick, which secret offers twists that takes the larger photo and makes all of the smaller sized pieces start to fit. 

Missed out the very first time around or simply wish to experience it once again? Silent Hill 4: The Room is offered now on for simply $9.99. Oh, and it’s DRM-free! That simply implies that it is devoid of the Digital Rights Management innovation that hinders ease of access of particular titles, specifically concerning paid material. 

Have you had a look at Silent Hill 4: The Room yet or would this be your very first time? Shout out those scary tales in the remark area listed below!