Following 12 months of Epic exclusivity on PC.

Following a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity on PC, Shenmue 3 will be making its way to Steam on 19th November.

Shenmue 3 at first gone for the tail-end of 2019 – a simple 19 years after the previous instalment in Yu Suzuki’s famous series – lastly offering exceptionally patient fans the extremely long-awaited next chapter in the continuous legend of Ryo Hazuki and his mission to avenge the murder of his dad, one that started on Sega’s Dreamcast all the method back in 1999.

Epic’s transfer to snaffle up Shenmue 3 as a special for its PC shop, with a little aid from publisher Deep Silver, showed much more questionable than normal, provided the job had actually been crowdfunded to the record-breaking tune of $7,179,510 from 81,087 backers, a lot of who were assured and anticipating to get a Steam secret on release day.

Shenmue 3: The Digital Foundry tech evaluation.

Deep Silver effectively handled to enflame matters even more by refusing to refund those backers that didn’t especially wish to wait an extra 12 months for an essential to play the video game on their platform of option – although designer Ys Net eventually backtracked on that choice.

Backers that did pick to wait it out for a Steam release will now see their patience pay off on 19th November – which marks precisely 12 months given that Shenmue 3’s Epic Games Store and PS4 arrival. But was it worth the accumulative twenty years wait?

GamingOverpowered’s Martin Robinson, a veteran Shenmue fan, definitely believed so. “A more astute critic may mention that the efficiencies are unequal, the character designs often look stubborn, you’re sort of restricted regarding what you can do and absolutely nothing of note truly occurs,” he composed in his Recommended evaluation.

“That’s not me, I’m scared. Yes, Shenmue 3 can play and look like a Dreamcast video game. But it plays and looks like a Dreamcast video game that’s as off-kilter, frustrating, wonderful and magnificent as the Shenmue and its follow up, both all-time classics. I believe there’s excellent factor to rejoice in that.”