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Set structures on fire explained: How to complete the week 4 challenge • GamingOverpowered.com

Set structures on fire explained: How to complete the week 4 challenge • GamingOverpowered.com

Never have fun with matches. 

Setting structures on fire is among the difficulties you can finish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

This obstacle sees you releasing your inner arsonist as you damage 10 structures on the Fortnite map with the magnificent force of fire.

Completing this obstacle will reward you with 24k XP, which will assist you open the brand-new Battle Pass skin.

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How to set structures on fire in Fortnite

How to set structures on fire in Fortnite

There are numerous methods to set structures on fire in Fortnite, such as shooting an arrow utilizing the Flame Bow or taking off a gas can near a wood structure, however the simplest method to toss bottled fireflies on a wood structure.

The finest location to discover fireflies is without a doubt the Weeping Wood, with little clusters of these remarkably hazardous pests dotted about the woods. If you’re having problem discovering some fireflies, attempt checking out the wood in the evening when the fireflies will have an orange radiance.

Fireflies are simpler to see throughout the night.

Once you have actually gathered some fireflies, head to among the numerous wood structures dotted around Weeping Woods.


After discovering one, just toss the fireflies onto the structure and watch as the fire takes hold. Just make certain you toss the fireflies on the wood part, so it will capture alight, and you make a fast exit otherwise you might discover yourself losing health.

Fire, unsurprisingly, burns.

The structure just requires to be one fire for it to count towards the obstacle, so we recommend going to numerous wood structures and setting them aflame to guarantee you can finish this job rapidly. This obstacle can likewise be finished throughout numerous matches, so simply keep tossing fireflies and setting fires till you have actually lit 10 structures.

The brand-new Season is here! Check out the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass skins, the brand-new Fortnite map modifications and the Victory Umbrella.

Recent additions consist of Off-Road Tires, setting structures on fire, raptors and the Hunter’s Cloak.

‘Set structures on fire’ not operating in Fortnite described

At the time of composing, the ‘Set structures on fire’ obstacle is experiencing a bug in which a variety of gamers are not having the development of this mission tracked appropriately.

The mission is either counting arbitrarily or not counting at all as soon as a gamer finishes it; the precise variety of gamers impacted is unidentified, with some gamers having the ability to finish the obstacle without problem.

Thankfully, Epic Games is examining the problem, with the FortniteStatus Twitter account mentioning they are checking out the problem on Thursday, 8th April.

If you’re having problems with this obstacle, then we advise waiting till the problem has actually been repaired prior to trying to finish it. We’re still in the opening weeks of Season 6, so you have actually got ample time to finish this obstacle prior to the season ends.

If you wish to discover more about Fortnite Season 6, then take a look at our guides on the Battle Pass skins, raptors, the other types of wildlife on the island, the golden artefact places and how to fly with a chicken.


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