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gaming headsetgaming headset

senzer headsetsenzer headset


SENZER-Fully immerse yourself in your video gaming environment

Sound Quality:Hear your opponents far with the increased

audio quality surround stereo.

Unique Design:Lightweight and soft on your ears, the distinct style

functions telescopic earphones and a versatile flexing microphone.

Environmental Protection:Easy to tidy removable magnetic ear pads,

produce a longer-lasting, much easier to preserve headset.

Enhance your general video gaming experience with the Senzer SG500 Gaming Headset


Why select the Senzer Gaming Headset?

– Clear voice forecast. Blocks out background sounds with sound cancelling anti-static microphone.

– Space-conserving collapsible style. Simply fold the earphones inwards inside the arm, making the earphones compact, simple to shop and travel with.

– Lightweight style, reduces pressure on ears and head, permitting longer video gaming time without pain.

ps4 headset

ps4 headset



foldable ear cups

foldable ear cups

Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Designed to supply the best suitable for you, the Senzer SG500 offers the supreme convenience and fit.

– Due to the light-weight and tight fit of the headset you can extend your gaming time by a number of hours per day

– The flexibility of the headband, ear pads and mic ensures you experience ultimate comfort

– Wave goodbye to unnecessary earaches and headaches from extended wearing

Convenient Audio Control

The easily accessible on/off mute button and volume slider ensure you can adjust your volume and voice quickly and easily whilst in game for minimal interruptions.

– Volume control slider

– Mic switch to on/off mute your voice

Fully Adjustable Headband

The adjustable headband provides comfort and adaptability, meaning your get the perfect fit for any head size from children to large adults

– Easy to adjust and super comfortable

– Stretches to fit on both sides of your head

gaming headphones

gaming headphones

pc headset

pc headset

pc headphones

pc headphones

Stereo Surround Capable

Stay one step ahead of your enemies with crystal clear real time audio.

– Vivid 360 degree sound realism

– Picks up quiet, far away sounds like voices and footsteps

– Enhances loud noises like explosions and gunfire

– Maximum power output that the earphones can bear is 50mW

Enjoy a Better All Round Gaming Experience

You’ll get the perfect immersive game time with the Senzer SG500.

– With the crisp audio you’ll experience no lag or delay

– Communicate with teamates effciently without background noise interruptions

– Easily mute your voice and control your volume

– Microphone frequency range: 100Hz to 10kHz

– Earphones frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz

Fun For All The Family

Whether you’re looking for a comfy headset for your child to use with their ipad or for dad to enjoy his latest PC, Xbox or Playstation game, you’ll have the perfect audio and voice experience with the Senzer SG500 headset.


[FOLDABLE & DETACHABLE EAR PADS]: Features flexible headphones with telescopic arms and detachable ear pads. The headphones fold inside the arm, making them perfect for easy storage and travelling and the ear pads are magnetic, allowing them to be conveniently attached and removed, making them easier to clean and maintain compared with other headphones.
[COMFORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN]: Comfortable for kids and adults alike, the detachable memory foam ear cushions are extremely light-weight, allowing for up to 8 hours usage without excess pressure build up, meaning you won’t feel any discomfort even after many hours of video gaming. The overall weight is only 0.66lb; approximately 40% lighter than standard gaming headsets.
[NOISE CANCELLING ANTI-STATIC MICROPHONE]: The bendable microphone arm can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up, and filters out surrounding environmental noise and eliminates static. The Senzer SG500 noise cancelling headset with microphone provides real-time in game chat without delay, making it easier to communicate with team-mates, friends and family without unneeded interruptions.
SURROUND SOUND CAPABLE: Proven to enhance your gaming performance, this surround sound gaming headset gives you crystal clear audio and provides you a truly immersive video video game experience. Pick up the direction of gunfire, vehicles and voices more clearly, as well as enjoying a more enhanced audio experience as subtle seems like steps, wind and rain are projected with more clarity and precision.
[PLUG AND PLAY MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY]: Works with most modern devices which include a 3.5mm jack like PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Older version requires adaptor), Apple Mac, Laptop, PC & Mobile. No drivers or downloads required, simply Plug & Play, making it the ideal headset for taking a trip or as a gift, safe in the knowledge it will fit a multitude of gadgets.