Humankind, the brand-new turn-based historic method video game from Sega and Amplitude Studios, has actually launched a brand-new trailer and been offered a release date. The “Lucy” trailer showcases a brand-new gameplay situation gamers can have a look at as a part of the studio’s OpenDev effort, which obtains neighborhood feedback ahead of launch.

The brand-new gameplay situation will be offered for gamers to have a look at from December 15 to December 28. The Lucy OpenDev situation consists of 40 cultures spread out throughout 4 complete gameplay ages, beginning with the Neolithic age, or 150 turns (whichever precedes). Each culture includes distinct gameplay qualities, offering you a taste of the vast array of playstyles offered in Humankind. You can likewise perform fight on land or sea, and effort to create diplomatic relationships with 7 A.I. challengers.

You can see the brand-new “Lucy” trailer listed below.

Humankind’s complete release strikes on April 22 through Steam, Stadia, Epic Games Store, and retail. If you pre-purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, that includes a digital copy of the video game, the digital soundtrack, a unit and tech-tree PDF poster, and the Notre-Dame pack, you conserve 17 percent.