A couple of days earlier, D3 Publisher exposed that 2 brand-new entries in the Earth Defense Force series were on the method. One of them, World Brothers, includes a striking visual departure from previous entries in the series, with blocky heroes fighting similarly blocky bugs. Screenshots alone do not do it justice. Fortunately, we’ve got a trailer revealing the video game in all its voxel magnificence.

In addition to combating the normal ants, spiders, and other insects that fans are accustomed to, gamers will have another prospective risk to compete with: the edge of the world. It appears like this world’s cube-shaped surface area implies that it’s rather possible to stroll straight off the edge and into oblivion. Fortunately, a minimum of some members of the EDF have jetpacks.

Stick around for completion, and you’ll get a fast (and do we imply fast) take a look at Earth Defense Force 6, a more standard entry in the franchise that was likewise revealed together with World Brothers. That title is due this year, and EDF 6 is being available in 2021. No word yet regarding whether they’ll be heading over to our coasts.