Out today for a small cost.

Developer Rusty Lake’s remarkably surreal Cube Escape puzzle series is now readily available in an unbelievably great worth, nine-game package on Steam.

Cube Escape, if you’re unknown, is the rather bite-sized buddy series to the designer’s more totally fledged premium Rusty Lake games (Rusty Lake Hotel, Roots, Paradise, Paradox, The White Door, and series precursor Samsara Room), with all 15 pleasantly off-kilter instalments adding to a surreal, centuries-spanning narrative whole, where repeating characters, places, and concepts wander in and out like a fever dream.

However, for all their significantly enthusiastic narrative intricacy – the generation-hopping Roots, in specific, is a beautifully impacting piece of work – they’re reasonably basic things at their core, blending casual escape-the-room-style perplexing with a little bit of point-and-click adventuring. The outcome tends to be simply challenging enough to illegal a pleased nod, however the genuine pleasure originates from their darkly surreal, occasionally grotesque theatrics.

The recently released Cube Escape Collection includes all 9 Cube Escape video games launched to date – The Lake, Seasons, Aries, Harvey’s Box, Case 23, The Mill, Birthday, Theatre, and The Cave – each a distinct, mostly self-contained experience, regardless of the narrative links.

Previously, the Cube Escape titles have actually been free-to-play, albeit ad-supported, by means of web internet browser and mobile. Developer Rusty Lake’s brand-new compendium, nevertheless, strips out the advertisements and dishes out the whole collection for an absurdly reasonable £3.99 on Steam. What’s more, there’s a 30% launch discount rate, bringing the expense to £2.79 up until 21st October. As a fan, I’d state that’s a wonderful cost for what total up to a relatively large portion of pleasing, puzzle-y weirdness.