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Rick And Morty Want You To Buy A PS5

Rick And Morty Want You To Buy A PS5

Rick and Morty are no complete strangers to computer games. They play the life simulator Roy in an episode of the program on Adult Swim, and they have actually even starred in their own VR experience (though I didn’t like it). But the dimension-hopping duo’s most current contribution to the video gaming market is a brand-new advertisement for the PlayStation 5.

Rick and Morty bring their signature brand name of humor to the area, making it clear several times that they are just stating what they have actually been paid to state. Even so, it’s still an amusing bit for fans of the program to delight in. Plus, the profane tone is an enjoyable modification from other PS5 commercials we have actually seen up until now. See the advertisement in the tweet listed below: 

Of course, the saddest part about seeing a business for PlayStation 5 is understanding that it will include more individuals to the growing crowds wanting to purchase the system – which implies that they might stay tough to snag. With preorder terrifies integrated with the PS5’s online-only launch, acquiring Sony’s next-gen console is not as easy as strolling into a shop or purchasing it from any seller.

PlayStation 5 isn’t alone on that front, either; Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S systems have actually likewise been difficult to protect. This console launch has actually been the most significant in Xbox history, with numerous prospective Xbox owners putting their hopes in numerous free gifts to get their hands on the systems.

But if the convincing powers of Rick and Morty have actually swayed you to the PS5 side of the fence (or if you currently own one), we have lots of methods to assist you get the most out of your brand-new system. You can read our extensive PlayStation 5 evaluation, our impressions of the brand-new DualSense controller, and our evaluation of Astro’s Playroom – the charming little platformer that comes pre-installed on every PS5.

Still not sure if PS5 is ideal for you? We can likewise assist you choose which next-gen console you must get – presuming you have some sort of multi-dimensional portal weapon that can take you to an alternate universe in which PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are constantly in stock.


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