Developer Inbetweengames’ well-known All Walls Must Fall, an alternate-future strategies video game mixing Cold War espionage with the dance flooring decadence of Berlin’s bar scene, is making it method to Switch tomorrow, 20th January.

Originally launched back in 2018, All Walls Must Fall’s balanced time-meddling action is happily high principle, unfolding in the Berlin of 2089, where the Cold War never ever ended.

Here, representatives on both sides are captured in a perpetual temporal loop, hopping around the timeline to ward off each other’s next relocation. That equates to a very trendy tactical experience that, for no apparent factor beyond the reality it looks extremely cool, sets each objective to the pounding techno beats and pulsating lights of a labyrinthine Berlin bar.

All Walls Must Fall trailer.

It’s not a simple video game to describe succinctly, however objectives typically follow a comparable structure, integrating real-time seepage and expedition with turn-based battle. Activities, from talking with bouncers to finding brand-new locations, make points that tick down as you move or carry out advanced actions – particular stealth choices, for example, or rewinding time.

It’s the latter that’s core to the experience, showing especially interesting in battle scenarios, which need you to draw up your relocations one action at a time prior to letting them play out in a balanced dance to the background beat. Here, rewind lets you cheat death (as long as you have actually got adequate indicate do so) however, more significantly, can likewise make whatever, from bullets to opponents, move backwards – whatever other than you.

That suggests it’s possible to do things like force opponents to backtrack their enter more beneficial positions – state, out of cover – however there’s a compromise because turnaround may likewise restore their health or restore formerly removed opponents. What you wind up with is an uncommon temporal toolkit that has lots of interesting possibilities and tactical capacity.

GamingOverpowered’s Christian Donlan was rather taken with All Walls Must Fall, calling it a “incredibly unusual and innovative and unusually adorable clockwork blaster” in his Recommended evaluation. And if any of that appeals, you can select it up on Switch’s eShop from 20th January.