Home News Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo helps fans piece together the tall vampire lady’s backstory • GamingOverpowered.com

Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo helps fans piece together the tall vampire lady’s backstory • GamingOverpowered.com

Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo helps fans piece together the tall vampire lady’s backstory • GamingOverpowered.com

This week, Capcom surprise released a PlayStation 5-exclusive Resident Evil Village demonstration called Maiden. While Maiden is mostly developed to provide a visual guide to the approaching scary video game, it does provide bits of tradition that offer us a concept of what the primary video game has to do with – and the high vampire woman’s backstory.


(Before we start, make certain to see our Aoife’s video going through her Resident Evil Village theories, listed below. There’s some truly fascinating things in there I didn’t detect!)

The high vampire woman is obviously the web’s existing fixation, with fan art, cosplay and… other things currently online. But Resident Evil tradition fans wish to know what she’s everything about, the nature of her relationship to the total Resident Evil story, and, simply what is she?

Alongside the release of Maiden and the most recent Resident Evil Village trailer, Capcom upgraded the video game’s official website to validate the high vampire woman’s name: Alcina Dimitrescu.

“The girlfriend of the castle that ignores the town,” checks out the main description. “An imposing lady with bewitching appearances.”

That’s very little to go on however luckily, through Maiden, we discover a bit more. In the demonstration is a note, dated 1958 and composed by somebody who starts work at the castle. The note discusses a “girlfriend” and her 3 children. At one point, a Miss Daniela (among the children?) slashes the author’s confront with a knife. Then, a fascinating line: the author opens a window and the children squeal “shut it!” in unison. Are they vampires? Or vampiric in some method?

Given the note, which is dated over 60 years earlier, discusses the Mistress and her children, and in today (Resident Evil Village is set a couple of years after the occasions of Resident Evil 7) they appear quite spritely, there’s absolutely some anti-ageing magic going on. Again, sounds rather vampiric.


Another note includes much more backstory. This one talks about the wine making method of Castle Dimitrescu, which can be traced back as far as the 15th century. We’re informed Alcina Dimitrescu utilizes this “famous, yet strange” method to “enhance the red wine’s flavour strength” and “bestow it with a thick arrangement”.

Her finest vintage is Sanguis Virginis, which suggests “maiden’s blood”. It is kept in an unique elaborate bottled embellished with detailed silver flowers.

Another letter consists of a list of names divided up into prospects and declines. There’s a cup you can connect with and, if you twist it one method, you see plainly somebody consumed blood from it. What seems the case is personnel are worked with to operate at the castle, then chucked in the dungeon – Maiden’s beginning location – to be eliminated and possibly utilized in the making of Sanguis Virginis. In this sense you, the gamer, aka Maiden, supply the “maiden’s blood”.

Yum! So, we understand a bit more about Resident Evil Village’s high vampire woman, however there are loads of unanswered concerns. In the gameplay trailer we hear her talk over the phone to the mystical Mother Miranda:

“Mother Miranda, I are sorry for to notify you that Ethan Winters has actually left that fool Heisenberg.

“… due to the fact that he remains in my castle and has actually currently shown excessive for my children to deal with.

“When I discover him… No… Yes, obviously. I comprehend the significance of the event.”

Who is Mother Miranda? And what is the event?

An image in the castle subsection of the Resident Evil Village site reveals 4 homes: House Dimitrescu, House Heisenberg, House Beneviento and House Moreau. We understand about House Dimitrescu, and we have actually heard recommendation to Heisenberg. What are the other 2 homes? How are they all linked? Is Mother Miranda the supreme manager of the lot? And is that the Umbrella logo design in the middle? If so, what does that symbolize?


What, precisely, is Alcina Dimitrescu? The web has actually chosen she’s a vampire of some sort – a minimum of, that’s what she’s been called – however there’s an argument about whether this holds true. For a start, we see her reflection in her mirror as she’s speaking with Mother Miranda on the phone. Anyone who’s seen any vampire film understands the important things do not have reflections.


I’ve seen many fans recommend Alcina Dimitrescu is an autocrat of some sort. There’s not a great deal of proof to back this theory up, however she does use a flower where an autocrat’s heart would appear. Oh, and she is very high. And, at the end of the Maiden demonstration when she shows up, her fingers become long, fatal blades. Classic autocrat behaviour.


Resident Evil fans’ thirst for Lady Dimitrescu tradition is a continuous effort, and I anticipate more intricate theories will become Maiden’s tricks are revealed. If you wish to know more about the demonstration, we have actually got a wonderful Maiden walkthrough that enters into much more information.


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