Price: $12.99
(since Feb 25,2021 16:25:09 UTC – Details)

The brand-new Quawins updated JoyCon Joysticks Replacement are made in the factory who assist Nintendo make their items parts and
developed with patent to resolve the issue of Switch and Switch Lite drif with the wear resistance and solidity of the FPC moving are extremely enhanced,
plus it is well produced every pieces to make it a lot more resilient and dependable against drift compared with the original one and other third-part one.
It works for left or right joy-con, it is easy for you to replace your broken, worn-out, insensitive or drift Switch or Switch Lite analog stick and to bring your Joycon back to life!

Repair Kit For:
Nintendo switch and switch lite

Items included in the package:
2 x replacement Joycon joystick
1 x tweezer
1 x pry bar
1 x pry tool
6 x screws
1 x “Y” Tri-wing Screwdriver
1 x “+” Cross -Screwdriver
6 x colorful Thumbstick Caps

A great backup for all Nintendo Switch Fans.
If in case there is any joycon stick don’t work as expected,pls try to recalibrate or you can try to reinstall it to make sure the end of the ribbon fit exactly to the board or feel free to contact us

★The Quawins JoyCon Joysticks Replacement is the upgraded new version,patented design with the wear resistance and hardness of the FPC sliding are highly improved,plus it is well made,makes it much more durable and dependable versus drift compared to the initial one and others.
★The end of JoyCon Joysticks Replacement ribbon designed seat properly in the connector on the control board and do not need to worry not able to calibrate correctly compared to other joysticks. Most of the time,you don’t even need to calibrate,it directly lock on the centre.
★The Quawins JoyCon Joysticks Replacement developed soldering to PCB,don’t require FPC transfer circuit.Powder finishing to make sure smooth metal surface area which allow the stick fit more firmly with the gadget and more delicate.
★The Quawins JoyCon Joysticks Replacement includes tact switch function,makes it more much easier to deal with the sticks.Quality and after sale serivce guarantted!