I can’t truly track all the fight royale seasons at this moment, however in any case, we’re now at Season 9 for PUBG – and you can anticipate some genuine fireworks in this one as it presents volcanic map Paramo.

Paramo is explained by PUBG Corp as the video game’s “very first vibrant map”, and the current teaser trailer lastly offers us a prolonged take a look at its landscapes, although precisely what vibrant ways is still up for dispute. Some hypothesize the map will be procedurally produced for each match, that makes sense in the context of the trailer and PUBG Corp’s description of a “vibrant landscape [that] will keep you thinking each drop”. Others believe it might be closer to Karakin’s Black Zones, which flatten whatever in their course – consisting of structures. A a little wackier theory, as described by PlayerIGN, forecasts Paramo’s hook is in fact time travel. Either method, it’s volcanic and vibrant.

PUBG Corp began teasing the map in late September by sending a bunch of stone tablets to influencers, and later on followed up with a tradition video hinting Paramo is in fact the place of the eternal youth. There have actually likewise been a number of tips relating to helicopters being included the brand-new season, in both a letter accompanying the tablets, a dev tweet and a number of teaser videos, so it promises the automobiles might be presented as part of Season 9.

Back in July, PUBG Madison studio director Dave Curd informed me PUBG Corp wishes to be “more lore-forward” and motivate gamers to be curious about the video game’s broader universe, which sure appears to be taking place here – and with the new PUBG lore site. I think we’ll lastly get some responses when Season 9 drops on 21st October for PC, and on the 29th for consoles.