Halo Reach fans might keep in mind Moa as an alien types of bird belonging to world Reach. The big, flightless bird looks like an emu, and obviously made great hamburger meat, evidenced by the video game’s World Cuisine dining establishment marketing Moa hamburgers. If you ever questioned how an imaginary bird-turned-hamburger tastes, Pringles of all business has actually pulled the drape back on its minimal edition Moa hamburger flavored chips.

According to Halo’s authorities Twitter account, the chips are being offered specifically by Walmart, due to the fact that when I consider where to get Moa flavored things, I believe “Walmart.” I imply, they offer whatever, so why should this be the exception? What I need to know is how Pringles identified the taste of a fictional alien bird. Maybe they taste like a Beyond Meat hamburger? Or perhaps they simply taste like potato-y chicken. 

A pre-burger Moa, in case you wonder

What makes this item a little screwed up is that according to the Halo Wiki, Moa technically ended up being threatened throughout the fall of Reach (hard to make it through on a glassed over world). So now we’re consuming imaginary, near-extinct alien bird seasoned Pringle chips. That provides a twisted ethical problem that might stump even the best minds. 

Be sure to get a can of these Moa Burger Pringles quickly if you wish to attempt them, due to the fact that they won’t be around permanently. We don’t understand the length of time they’ll be on racks, however presume the basic population will wish to treat on this interest and get it quicker than later on. If absolutely nothing else, consuming these may include a brand-new layer of immersion throughout your next Reach playthrough. 

In less edible Halo news, the current video game, Halo Infinite, continues to churn in addition to aid from Gears of War designer The Coalition. If you’re trying to find other odd Halo collaborations, Xbox is obviously thinking about teaming with Elon Musk to produce real-life warthogs.