In the 1970s, Atari’s Pong astounded recently established players throughout the globe many thanks to its capacity to equate the sporting activity of table tennis to 2 digital paddles on a display. Pong Quest progresses the formula, supplying a procedurally produced dungeon-crawler where all adversary experiences are Pong matches with power-ups. While this does successfully rejuvenate the well-worn title and also show that Pong is still enjoyable virtually 5 years later on, the modifications aren’t sufficient to require greater than a brief walk down memory lane.

Strange happenings are afoot in a kingdom occupied by sentient Pong paddles, and also the king demands your assistance to endeavor right into dungeons, obtain enchanting orbs, and also open up the last location; it’s a tale that’s as irrelevant and also slim as you’d desire from a laid-back RPG developed around Pong. Once you get in each themed dungeon, you have 4 randomized floorings to overcome, beating NPC paddles in up-to-date Pong on your method to a difficult employer fight. 

Despite myriad spins to the formula, the adversary experiences are basically straightforward suits of Pong: Two paddles align on contrary sides and also jump a sphere backward and forward. This standard formula hammers residence the ageless nature of Pong; I really felt a tint of enjoyment each time I got in a suit and also the high-energy fight songs ratcheted up. 

While Pong’s standard activity of rallying backward and forward is still enjoyable, the adventure of Pong Quest’s fights originates from the special powered-up rounds you can make use of. Some of the unique rounds provide amazing impacts to strike with and also resist; I enjoy one that suddenly contours towards among the wall surfaces and also an additional that includes speed-increasing oil slicks throughout the area of bet a couple of turns. However, some are as well subdued and also eliminate from the satisfaction, with the Fire Ball as one of the most outright transgressor. If you touch it, it swiftly gnaws at your health and wellness, indicating it’s better to simply allow that shot transcend you, beating the whole function of Pong. Other rounds supply tough situations to protect, however with a choose couple of functioning as winning tools, you’re much better off loading your supply with those instead of explore the much more special ones.

Efficiency is type in Pong Quest’s fights. Instead of winning by merely racking up even more objectives than your challenger, you need to outlive them and also pare their HP to no. Unfortunately, your health and wellness doesn’t renew till you get to the following flooring, indicating points can obtain alarming if you have greater than a pair long term experiences. If you allow a shot pass without HP, you obtain started from the dungeon and also has to begin the flooring over. Thankfully, among one of the most bountiful power-ups you can discover is the Potion Ball, which renews your HP each time you utilize it. Still, when there are numerous fascinating capabilities to explore, it’s irritating to need to regularly occupy among my restricted supply ports with boring-but-essential Potion Balls.

Each fight gives you experience, which ultimately degrees you up. Each time you get to a brand-new degree, you can pick from among 3 offered benefits. These array from included HP and also supply ports to numerous pens on maps and also included damages to challengers. While it constantly seemed like the least fascinating choice, I leaned greatly right into the additional HP choice to enhance my survivability in the dungeons and also decrease my dependence on Potion Balls.


In enhancement to fights, you can make additional things by finishing optional purposes. At the beginning of each flooring, an NPC will certainly ask you to go above and beyond by cleaning out all the opponents, fighting no opponents, or checking out every space on the flooring prior to leaving. A circus barker additionally allows you total puzzle-based minigames like establishing surface areas to backfire right into an objective, matching cards, and even discovering a dark space to discover light buttons prior to time ends. Sadly, none of these are especially fulfilling or enjoyable, usually providing you unique rounds you likely don’t have room for. However, the great void obstacles – where you bet a portion of your supply for larger returns on Pong-based minigames, like knocking senseless a coming close to vermin or accumulating every coin on display – are thrilling and also the precise sort of spin to the Pong formula I was seeking. 

If you prefer to bypass the dungeon crawling and also simply play Pong, you can contend in regional and also on the internet multiplayer suits. I such as the choice of removing every one of the power-ups and also aesthetic style to play traditional Pong, however I desire there were advanced choices for the core multiplayer setting; it would certainly be excellent to fine-tune the regulations or establish my very own stable of unique rounds for the gamers.

I appreciated my time with Pong Quest, however with out of balance capabilities, common dungeon crawling, and also recurring fights, the experience had a hard time to hold my focus. Pong Quest supplies an enjoyable and also special take on the widely known standard, however the uniqueness frays also prior to the quick project ends.